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there are LOADS, but I'd have to say Signs by Bloc Party.

I <3 how it was a blend of the original and the acoustic version, and if any of yu want to download it, you can do so here.


Oh, and One Week of Danger by The Virgins. That song is just.. awesome.

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Cobra Starship- Good Girls Gone Bad. 

Leighton has an Amazing Voice 


From the episode "The Freshman" Season 3 Episode 2

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kids by mgmt

do you wanna by the kooks

crimewave by crystal castles

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Whatever you like- Anya Marina
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One Week of Danger

I can feel a hot one


Sex on Fire


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God, there are too many!! But my top 5 are:

1- The General Specific (Band of Horses): Roman Holiday. A must see Derena scene. Their firts time, the presents... Just EPIC!!

2- With Me (Sum 41): Victor/Victrola. What can I say about this? Epic too.

3- Runaway (Yeah Yeah Yeahs): Seder Anything. I don't really care about the scene, but the song is amazing!!

4- Apologize (OneRepublic): Hi Society. I know it's typical but I just love this scene, the song is really beautiful and the episode kills me, it's my favourite.

5- Fell In Love Without You (Motion City Soundtrack): Summer Kind of Wonderful. Last moments of the Season premiere. Dan & Serena are back together YAY! The fireworks, the beach... very romantic. So sad they broke up two episodes later.

Honorable mentions:

Signs (Cyrus and Eleanor's wedding), Boy in a rock and roll band (Derena waking up at the beach, so hot), Three Wishes (the cotillion), Suicide (Serena & Tripp have the accident), Embers (played all along 3x02, but specially the Carter and Serena's kiss, love the violins!), Breakdown (snowflake ball, Dan and Serena dance), The Queen and I (the brunch), The Ice is getting thinner (Blair and Chuck and Dan and Serena dance) and Season of Love (I love you too scene!)

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LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great is the best song featured on gg thats was just soo good and it fitted the pool scene sooo good

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i loved it when they played right round, paralyzer and secrets by onerepublic :D

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GG's music is awesome...ok let me see... Signs - Bloc Party. EST - White Lies. Runaway - Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Apologize - One Republic. Empire State Of Mind - Jay Z and Alicia Keys. Dog Days Are Over - Florence And The Machine. The show's featured too many great tunes tho!
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Well, that is actually a very difficult question because i have so many favourites- but here are some:

With Me by sum41

White Lies by E.s.t

i can feel a hot one by mancheater orchestra

Three Wishes by the pierces

Runaway by yeah yeah yeahs

Time to Pretend by MGMGT

oh and stripper by sohodolls;)

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