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My current favorite is Buzzin by Shwayze. It was the opening song of Season 2, episode 1 [Summer, Kind of Wonderful], when Nate and Lady Catherine are...in the car.

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Apologize - One Republic

Secrets - One Republic

Empire State of Mind - Jay Z, Alicia Keys

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When was Hard to Live in the City actually in GG? I know it's on OMFGG ... but I can't find the episode it was featured in.

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with me by sum41

kids by mgmt

 secrets by one republic

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When was Hard to Live in the City actually in GG? I know it's on OMFGG ... but I can't find the episode it was featured in.

It was in the pilot :)

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Shove it- Santogold (2x04 ''Queen'' Serena put a ''fatois'' on Dan)

Bitch- the Plastiscines (3x08 Jenny becoming a b**** a.k.a the queeen of the UES)

Whatcha say- Jason DeRulo (3x11 Everybodys mad at the Thanksgiving diner)

Dark on fire-Turnin Break (2x09 Nate and Jenny ''first'' real kiss)

Paradise circus- Massive attack (3x21 Jenny finds Nate alone in the Empire)

Not the best but I LOVE it... WELL USE!!!

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The funeral - Serena Ryder (3x22)


Animal - Miike Snow (3x03)

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GG has so many memorable songs!

Don't forget Moby - Oh yeah (from 1x12 School lies)

One Republic - Good life (3x15 The sixteen year old virgin)



But my top favourites are The National - Slow show, and Bloc Party - Signs. As you said before, GREAT editing on 2x13

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WoW theres so many sonys i have lovved on GG but my favorites are

With me- Sum41             Sex on fire- Kings of Leon           Signs- Block Party

Fell in Love Without You- Motion City    Apologize- One Republic     Season of Love- Shiny Toy Guns  

The Ice is Getting Thiner- Death Cab for Cutie             I Can Feel a Hot One- Manchester Orchastra

I know theres PLENTY of more songs tht i love on GG but i cant think of them right now


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New york i love you

Dark on fire

Fell in love without you :)

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