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Nate needed consistency in the romantic department and that consistency should have happened with VANESSA. They could have been an on/off couple and helped each other's characters to be more relevant and interesting. I loved the way they tested out themes of morality, image and their future. She was the perfect ying to his yang. WTF why did he dump her for Blair? So pointless.

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I think Jenny would have been a better match. But you are right that since season 3, Nate has gone from being a main character to a guest star...

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llul WTF why did he dump her for Blair? So pointless.

Women quality, aside trollesa is trash compared to Blair. Nate's relevenace died along with NAIR. period,. Ever since NAIR died, there has nothing going on with this guy aside from being the show's biggest slut and has accomplished to surpass Serena in this department    
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he's going to end the show with Sage. that's how irrelevant he is.

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There's still hope for Nenny. Jenny is coming back in the last episode for Dan and Serena's wedding, and from all the pics released of the wedding Sage isn't in any of them. Hopefully there will be some indication or hint about a future for those two so Nate can have some sort of relevant ending.

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