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uhoh!!! I'm pretty sure it legit since its from TMZ and they only post things that are actually true!


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LOL!  Oh dear, life immitates art, or vice versa.

 (I wonder who it was with?)

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I just say that on tmz too. Leighton nooooooooo. Say it aint so.  I hope its false sooooo bad.

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Even if it is true, its not like she pretends to be something different. Anyway reading the TMZ article it sounds as it is one of the 'tamer' ones. So it probably won't be as much of a scandal as if it was a Disney star.

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Oh my..that can ruin her image for good

Btw, read in an article that there are pictures from the tape on celebhotline.com. I don't want to look nor am I going to.

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And if it's her she get over it look at Paris hilton ....

Nobody knew her untill her famous sextape

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the media is so sad, really fishing in other peoples lives and exploiting their "sex lives?" she'll get over it, it could damage her rep a bit, but it might not even be true.. i hope its not true .. ugh im not even gonna look at it its just pathetic.

i wonder if it is true .. LOL :|

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Even if it does an impact on her image, it won't kill her career. Just think about some the scenes she does on GG, photo shoots and what she says in interviews - she has never once came across as prudish, if anything she appears to be quite comfortable in herself sexually.

Anyway I don't judge her for what she does in her personal life because that is just what it is meant to be, personal. I just feel sorry for her because it would be so embarassing.

On a completely horrible but tv network note, the ratings for GG could go up because people want to see this Leighton Meester.

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my prayes have been answered...

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