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Guys........all shipping aside, we need to band together and show the executives at CW how we feel about this Chuck and Blair situation...

I know a lot of Chair fans feel that Dair and Blouis and etc. are freaking about what Chuck did and making it into a big deal. That's because it is a big deal. If Dan did that to Blair, I wouldn't be a Dair fan any longer. If Rufus did that to Lily, I wouldn't be a Rufly fan. And I'm not saying that they never should have aired that scene on TV, im not asking for censorship. What I am asking for is for some positive messages to come out of gossip girl. If they wanted to write and air that clip, thats fine, but dont put Blair and Chuck together in the end because it sends the wrong message. After I read GG Producer's comments to E!Online, I was floored. He was condoning what Chuck was doing! Out of curiosity, I went to the boards at When I clicked on the "what did you think of May 2nd's episode" thread, I was expected ppl to be upset at what Chuck did. But instead, they felt SORRY for him. I made up an account at (SKITTLES100) and posted a comment against a Blair/Chair reunion based on last night's episode. I encourage everyone (Chair, Dair, Derena, Serenate, Rufly, etc.) fans to come together, create accounts on CW's website and take some time to write some comments about how wrong it would be to put Blair and Chuck together!!!!

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If Dan did that to Blair, I wouldn't be a Dair fan any longer.


if any ship did that to their lover

i would stop shipping them

it's not just my chair hatred

if it was roseten i would stop shipping them

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i cannot believe some people are trying to defend his actions

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Completely agree with everything you said. The reason I love Dair so much, and I even like Blouis a lot is because they make Blair so happy, no mental, physical, or emotional abuse. And I do find it a big deal when they air things like this on TV and then so many people find it normal and/or feel sorry for Chuck. The writers and producers should really get a clue, because its getting out of hand, and its come to a point where none of the drama is worth it. 

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Ita with everything you just said. The fact that the writers even stood up for chuck was awful.

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Pretty sure the writer who gave the interview was the abuser in one of his past relationships which is why he'd condone that, in fact I am going to the CW board and posting that same thought because who the hell in their right mind supports that

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