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ok so i want to make it clear tht i was a chair shipper, i really was. because of the books i have always had a soft-spot for nair but after i saw how cute chair was i swtiched. now i have officially switched back. Think about it, we feel bad for Blair, we feel bad for Nate, now they just need to get together and make us some NAIR! No disrespect to other shippers! i dont get upset when i see anything really, im ok with dair bt i dnt think it will happen. Are any other chair shippers more open to nair?
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a little nair won't hurt nobody ;)

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How many times has Nate and Blair been explored? Like 5 times now? And what always happens? Can someone....anyone tell me?






















He always leaves her for someone else or vice versa. Besides, Nate is Blair's past, Chuck was her present, however Dan is her future. LOL, I kid, I kid. ^_^

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hey chair 333, u still ship chair after last night? just curious, i dnt have a problem either way :))
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I think Nairs gonna happen again and I actually don't mind it. Nates such a good guy, B needs that after the Basshole!

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I know it's not gonna happen, but after last night I actually jumped the Chair ship and hopped onto Nair. I went back and realized how adorable their scenes were. The only reason I hated them was because I wanted Chair to be together so badly.

Nair and Derena ftw!


Although we all know Chair's gonna come back :(

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I like Nair (of course i like Chair better) and anything is better than "dair" and i have to admit tht they were cute together, so i wouldnt mind them getting back together for a while

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Nate was a high school love for Blair, I think she made that clear.

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I do love Nair a lot but right now bringing them back? Well, only if Chuck dies.

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