...for forcing himself on Jenny in the pilot episode?

...for comparing Blair to his dad's horse?

...for sort of falling for Elle?

...for sleeping with Vanessa?

...for having that ballerina under her when we were all hoping it would be Blair?

...et cetera, et cetera?


Even if Chuck wasn't in so many scenes in Seder Anything, his character's development made leaps and bounds. So do you forgive him? Is he ready to fight for Blair? :D

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totally. i was never really that mad at him. well a little but hes chuck bass

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yea i was never really mad at him i mean yea a little but that was before we knew who he really is and yes he definitly is forgiven in my book it might be different if it was real but it looked like jenny forgave him she looked so sad

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I was never really mad at him although the Vanessa thing was so out of character, but he made up for it during this episode! CHUCK BASS WE MISSED YOU!

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i was never really mad, just like everyone else is saying, the only thing that really bothered me was the whole vanessa thing, it was so unnecessary, but yeah, i guess you could say i've forgiven him, how can you not forgive that face? haha, and i loved him in tonight's episode, he was so sweet :)

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i want to see him suffer more. he's not forgiven yet in my books!

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i was never mad...he was just being chuck.

i am so ready to watch him chase blair

its finally time

i am super excited for next week

he is an amazing guy, and though he may deal with situations ina different manner than most desirable, he has sense.  he actually handles himself very well.

he officially trumps blair for my fav. character


and as far as i am concerned...nate archibald? you need to DIE!

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for forcing himself on Jenny in the pilot episode?--Yeah, and I think Jenny did too

for comparing Blair to his dad's horse?--Yeah, I feel he only said those things because he was angry/heartbroken

.for sort of falling for Elle?--NO, cause I don't think he even fell for her.. more like a rebound or short term entertainment

for sleeping with Vanessa?--Yes, cause he referred to her as a "boho barista" and cause there was no interaction btwn them  in this episode

for having that ballerina under him when we were all hoping it would be Blair?--That didnt really make me upset at him because he is respecting the fact that Blair is with Nate 

my own:

for not going to Tuscany with Blair--Yes, because hopefully he has learned from that mistake

for saying "That's too bad" when Blair tells him she loves him and for mocking her by saying "Were you gonna tell me you love me again?"--Yes because he has realized that he does love her. Now  he just has to finally say it to her.

for calling Blair his "wife" in such a deregatory way----Not yet..

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i agree with your points.

its just the things hes done to blair thats pissed me off.. and then he acted like she never existed afterwards!

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He redeemed himself from forcing himself onto Jenny in the pilot episode, but he still does not deserve Blair. Sleeping with Vanessa set him way back in my books.

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