whatever it hppens, eventually I saw D & S got back together, which is really excited for me., but they both need to conquer something which is their attitude.

Sharing a sibling is not a big deal, especially Rufus and Lili didnt figure it out. I consider that Lili & Rufus plus D & S,are the hot spotlight for most people keep watching this drama.

By the way, in the end of this episode, I felt that Chuck is going to become  a real man who is able and willing to take responsibility, but he gotta be careful of his uncle Jack "Ass". whatever, im so looking forward to see what's going on in the coming episiode.

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  Oh my gosh! The previous thread was so long ago, but I just started watching GG and was up to this episode when I found this site.

  Blair and Chuck are totally meant to be together, but I really think Blair should be with Marcus for a little while longer. Let Chuck be sad! He deserves to suffer a little after abandoning Blair in Tuscany!


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Its good show to watch and its all episodes are really interesting. I do not miss this show. And this episode is really best.


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