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*squeals with joy*


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jenny from the block

OMG AMAZING EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love B and N, and C and V...and I really hope it stays this way

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Nair supplier

 Wonderful Nair scenes!!

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I just relized that in episode 2.14 "Relm of the Basses" there was scene betwen Blair  and Serena that was very similar to the one between Chuck and Serena in this epispde, where Serena tells Blair to "Help Chuck because he has no one else" vs. Serena tells Chuck to "Fight for Blair because she's scared and her life isn't going as planned."

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I watched it today.......It was........PERFECT........!!!!!!!!!!I cried...

Btw,what did they say about Santorini,Spyros & Greek Police???Oh,I'm soooo happy Greece was mentioned....but I don't know why....

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