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I actually wasnt that upset when i saw nate and blair together.  I think Chuck does need to work for it and Im glad Blair is finally doing what she wants with no rules.  Having some fun with other guys too.

And besides, it'll be great to watch Chuck fight for her.

But Vannessa kissing Chuck is crossing the line.

That better only happen once.

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I absolutely loved this episode,except for the end being a chair fan an all but other than that Chuck melted my heart, poor guy, why is he always late. He was definately going to tell Blair he loved her in end. I loved Serena and Dan, Dan was hillarious, the slap OMG the best loved it and of course Serena encouraging Chuck to keep fighting for Blair.
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I thought that was supposed to be better then last weeks...

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i love chair but bate really isn't that bad right now. blair kind of needs nate in her life. her plan was to go to yale and marry nate. last season the nate part of the plan fell through, and she made a new plan to go to yale and be with chuck. this season the whole plan collapsed, because she got axed from yale, and chuck stood her up at the airport and they still haven't gotten together after that happened. so she's going back to nate, but i have a feeling it's for security and comfort, not because she really likes him.


and i was nearly screaming with joy when it looked like rufus and lily had broken up. but rufus just had to come back with a new list. ugh. i really hate those two together.


there were some good highlights in this episode. like vanessa and nate breaking up (yes!). and serena slapping dan! i was waiting for that since you got yale, when it was pretty obvious that dan was going to be screwing a teacher. and it was kind of nice to see the other side of nate's family, which was always brought up but we never knew much about.

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I loved that ep. That was my favorite of the season. I love my chuck and blair moments but the blair and nate moments was so sweet. I want them to be together for a little while but in the end I need Blair and Chuck together. The end of the show just made me want more of the show.

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I'm a little confused about Nate and Vanessa, they didn't really talk, and I think they would show us them breaking up. So I don't know what they are. And I actually liked the Nair scenes, those two would make good friends. (Not a good couple, but good friends.) The end really bothers me, we see Chuck find Nate's jacket, we see Blair ask Nate to stay but we don't see if Nate decides to stay or go.

I have a theory that Chuck leaves all p***ed off about the jacket, and thinks Blair is with Nate. But I really don't think Nate stayed with Blair, and if so only as a friend. Then we see Chuck say something to Vanessa in the promo and she kisses him, so I think Chuck tells her Nate and Blair were together, she gets mad and kisses him to make Nate jealous, Nate and Blair see and that kiss is what pushes them together as a couple.

Then of course Nate will develop real feelings for her, because he is Nate and falls in and out of love every five minutes. I only hope we end with CB together and Nate and Chuck being friends. And I want Vanessa happy because I sort of feel bad for her, with all the Nate family drama. I just wanted to slap Nate tonight.

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What was the last song played this evening?

I can't remember who the band was.

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i totally agree with you rl. that seems like a very good theory. im just soo mad that chuck was about to say i love you and it got ruined. but i think blair and nate are a comfort zone. because they are both lost and only they know how the other one feels. and its like part of blairs plan is still possible even if she doesnt truely have feelings for him and i think they would be really good as friends and everything that happeded tonight was pretty friendly, so i guess we have to wait and see what happends next week

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thanks chair 4ever =], I think you're right about the whole comfort zone thing. Though I can't see why, Nate did cheat on her with her best friend, if I was Blair I would not feel at all comfortable around him. Even if they were together, part of her would always know worry that he may stray. At least I would if I was her, but Nate sort of makes the girls on this show do crazy things.

Speaking of comfort zones though, was anyone else picking up a Dan/Vanessa vibe? I don't know why, but I have a feeling those two may thrown together with both of them having issue in their love life. It wouldn't be hard for the writers to take the cliched pair the best friends together story line. and I think they end up together in the books, don't they? not sure that it matters, but i think the writers are playing with most of the pairings from the books.

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Firstly, OMFG Nate and Blair. I mean okay, I read the spoilers, know of everything thats to come but still; to see a NAIR reunion, im EXTATIC! But dont let my excitement fool you ladies and gentlemen; I am and always will be a CHAIR fan.

Now, as much as I'd love to see all the crazy escapades both Nate and Blair will do, I just cant have CHUCK and VANESSA, a duo I hope never actually get togehter, hook up on screen. SORRY, CHUNESSA DOESN'T WORK.

So atm, I'm praying these unholy unions END after next weeks episode.

until next week, oxo



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