Discuss the "How To Succeed In Bassness" Episode from Season 3 here.

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couldn't watch it cuz my sis stole the tv to watch a movie with her boyfriend...............................soooooooooooooooo mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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what the fuck was that!!! i hated it was so not real.. like why the hell will blair call jack bass? like why?, knowing that he makes her sick because is repulsive, and almost destroyed chuck, ans their relationship, and knowing chuck hates him so much.. whyy?? like can somebody please explain that to me... is beyond stupid... im not a pre-school kid,, i have brains, and do the writers really expect us to believe this? wth!!! okei soo lets pretend she asked jack for help but why on earth will he do it right, please even if you have like the biggest secret to blackmail him, why would you believe in him, when you know he tried to steal the company, and he will do anything to ruin chuck.. fs you really had that secret please you have already used it..

and jenny what a bitch, i always knew that about her.. soo now that little lamb is fully transformed into a bitch

rufus storyline about trick or treat.. soo boring!!!

erick i love you.. so go erick go.. destroy the bitch cause this is the second time she let you  down and public humiliated you.. when you are nothing but pure!!!

i was so unpleased by this ep!!! imho the worst!!1


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Actually, this episode was really good, We finally get to see the wrath of Queen J, at least we see growth in her, coz I got annoyed with her being a social climbing wannabe last few seasons, this is what Blair would have wanted for Queen J. At least C and B got reconnected about who they are, and accept each other for who they are. Seriously gglover, you're over reacting

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I almost forgot, stop picking on BLAIR FFS!!! You're making her look weak all the time, this season it's getting irritating, hello? getting pwned by V wth... where's the Blair that I know and love..... 

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Okay so being in Australia, I had to stream the episode online.  At one point it leapt from Rufus talking to kids at Halloween and the next minute the police are raiding Chuck's bar...?  And Blair's there...?  Did it skip and miss something out or was it really that random?  

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I downloaded the episode this morning (I'm in Italy) but the only version available is only 37'41''  long.

It's missing a part some 3-4 minutes starting at around 28', skips from when Rufus is talking to the kids to the police raiding the club which means I didn't get how Blair&Chuck got together and organized the whole thing etc.


Can anyone tell me pls?

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YEAH! There are 5 Minutes missing. Friend of mine from Jersey said it has to be longer than 40 min and ALL the streams miss 4 minutes! Even on youtube it's missing. This sucks very much.^^

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I'm really hoping someone will upload a full version

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I had the same problem. I think they cut out the scene where the mean girls bullies Johnathan - maybe they thought it was too hard to show it... I don't know... I'm really mad!

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