Discuss the "The Grandfather: Part II" Episode from Season 3 here.

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Okay, I've to admit after the promo, extend promo and the two sneak peaks I finally look forward to an episode of GG this season. I really hope for a lot of action next Monday!

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We need some action fast! and where the hell is GG?

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i think there will be well at least i hope so

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really liked this episode. cant wit for the next.
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Interesting. I'm really on the fence about the episode. It wasn't amazing, but it didn't suck. Chair moment was cute at the end but I still miss old Chuck, he's just so different this season...curious to see what Serena does now that she quit her job and all.

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The Chair moment was great. I've got to say: I'm on Blair's side with this one. The cake act was really immature and the fake boyfriend was ridiculous. Peeing the plants? Anyone would kick him out. I feel bad about the friend thing because she genuinely didn't know and for the first time, Blair Waldorf got played. :( 

About Chuck, at least they stayed consistent with his growth. They can't have him go back to his old ways cause that'd completely null everything that happened season 2. He grew up, and that's fine. But I would've liked to see him get more angry about the cake incident because in the end, he's still Chuck Bass, who has proved to be quite the vengeful schemer. Hoping to see more Chair in the next episodes..  threesome next episode!

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does anyone have the blair cake scene posted up yet?

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I actually watched this episode after missing 4 episodes, only because I knew there was a SB fight and FOR ONCE Blair would not be the one to appologize!!!!

I mean WOW, I think the writers were out of their usual supply of Hash, or maybe they just forgot to (quoting Chuck Bass) "go and take some fresh air" during the coffe break - because ... HERE IT COMES... This episode Blair Waldorf WAS NOT THE IDIOT OF THE WEEK!!!

SCANDALOUS *rolls eyes*

So: I will devide my review of the episode (not that you probably care, but I sort of need to spill anyhow)


1) I LOVED the Serena and Blair fight, mainly because... not because Blair got on top in the moral department, though that was a plus, ... but rather because FINALLY the writers made SERENA suffer and made her hear what people always write in fanfiction and what has been between the lones through the whole show. And the part of Blair's speech that got to me... was not that "SErena is always number one" but the


I loved this comment, and I loved how Blair walked out with her pride in tact and how humiliated Serena's face looked, sometimes TRUE self humiliation is WORSE than FALSE public humiliation. And of course I loved Chuck's speech. I mean FINALLY he stands up for Blair and defends her, never mind the heartbreaking part "one day you are going to tell people about how you knew BLAIR WALDORF, About a girl who USED to be your best friend." When he said that it was OBVIOUS that he was speaking form experience, AND I FINALLY felt that we sort of got a confession from him how he truly felt when he betrayed Blair somehow like after season 1 finale, or after the whole secret affair fiasco (which emediately came to my mind... I mean I never before thought about how he must have missed having Blair in HIS LIFE even as a FRIEND after 1x13) or lets not forget the whole 2x15 elevator scene!!!

2) I have to say that I like Tripp!!! And it fells like I start to respect Nate a little, he finally gets his own story and he is growing up. (I only wish that the move in with Chuck won't make me hate him again... knowing the writers that will only mess up Chuck and Blair... I mean really? Having Chuck living with HIS Blair's ex-boyfriend of 10 YEARS! /slas his best friend in the same penthouse... considering that IT IS Chuck and Blair, and I doubt that they are very quiet or are doing the dirty deed in only Chuck's room... BTW the writers should put in a hot pool table sex scene for them!)

3) And in this episode I liekd Jenny mainly she wasn't all incesty with Chuck or being a dumb blonde towards ERic or anything else... but I sort miss little E! HOWEVER I rad that she os doing a favour for Chuck in episode 10 and will go out with some guy - and I really hope that Chuck and Jenny scenes in episode 3x10 will be FRIENDLY and family like like in 2x21, AND NOT sleezy and CREEEEEEPY like in 3x04... *shivers* I still cannot forget how Chcuk commented Jenny's dress in that episode and his voice MAKES ME SICK!

4) I loved how we got to see how Nate's family and Chuck go way back, just like Blair does. We got to see at the end of season 2 how Blair is involved in the Van der Built empire, and that she is technically always will be considered as NATE's FIRST and so far ONLY Betrother in the sublines, how the Grandfather was not even surprised they got back together or broke up and now a year later did the same circle... Like they expect it to continue until they finish college and THEN the family will Take a hold of them and go through with the "engagement"... WHICH I have to admit STILL worries me. I mean if GG survives for another 2 seasons I wouldn't be surprised if they "jumped forward" a few years and we wold get an NB engagement and another CBN triangle... because lets face it!!! That will always be the story of their life... The guy Blair is expected to be with and the guy she REALLY loves... and as for Chuck, he FELL for the one girl... that was OFF-LIMITS!... since this is the UES and they grow up too fast too young, these silly things like Hierachy -  that we think are gone, still exist. 

Anyways, in this episode we got to see how Nate's family sees Chuck as a close friend, reliable close friend... sort of like theit entrance to the BUSINESS world! And I repeat myself - I still don't think this Chuck and Blair and Nate thing is COMPLETELY resolved, it may seem stupid now, but if they decide to after seaosn 4 jump 3 years ahead (like in OTH, whihc was wuite succesful with the idea) I think maybe the show will change again, and we will now have same different kind of TONE/MODE transition to season 5 and job/grown up life as we had to season 3 and college.

PERSONALLY though I am sick of NBC triangle thing for now.... It's FOR NOW... I loved it in season 1, and it was the reason I started to watch the show, and the Nate - obstacle between Chuck and Blair was what made me like them so much!!! (I know it sounds weird) So in 2 seasons I won't mind another rerun! In fact I think maybe it would be a nice touch even, you know even though the show has gone WAAAY of course from the Constance/St.Jude's crowd and SL's we still have the same people with the same CORENAL issues!!!

BUT obviously Chuck and Blair are ENDGAME - The writers don't have a choice in this, unless they want to commit suicide!


I finally feel like Vanessa isn't annoying me.... THAT IS A FIRST EVER FOR ME!!!!! EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!! I mean this is what they should have done - given her a storyline on her own since she IS NOT NOR WILL BE EVER part of the REAL main cast... SORRY but that's how it is!!! They should not have had VUCK in seaosn 2 either 2x07 or 2x20 or 2x25 (emsil about Chuck falling for her)!!! BEcause then maybe we would have gotten more time to start TOLERATE HER... it will take at least another season 4 to make us like her!!! And I am not sure GG will last that long!



*I Never until now SAW Dan and Olivia together since I stopped watching after 30 min of episode 3x04 so I just witnessed a few moments, but I like them together! And at first I didn't want to see Hilary on the show because usually guest stars SUCK (& G and Carter are an exception) BUT I think that I finally got my theory right!!! See further down for the Moral GG speak of the Week


* I know that maybe some people don't like Maureen, and I have to admit that if the rumours about Tripp wanting to get it on with Blair are true - which I HOPE - finally brings us back JEALOUS SEXY RAGING Chuck (fighting for Blair only OBVIOUSLY), I will not complain. It will be great because I always thought that since Blair has been dating Nate for 10 years sort of she and Tripp go way back ... JUST like Tripp and Chuck obviously do (another thing I really liked in this episode 3x08 - we got to see how Chuck and Nate are close, by seeing how Nate's family sees chuck as a reliable close friend) 

So my point is I liked Maureen... she sort of is like I would have imagined Blair in the future, only in the business world helping and doing the dirty tricks for Chuck!!! SEE this is what I want for Blair. We obviously see through MAureen's character this episode that the writers still have the EVILNESS in them, but I think instead of pouring/waisting it all on the Van der Builtas they should return the personality triats to the real foes f the show: CHUCK AND BLAIR!!! And... GOD how I wish theyy will let her do something as evil in this season for revenge... REAL revenge... SUCCESFUL revenge!


* FINALLY: I liked Chuck in this episode... yes he wasn't season 1 Chuck, but then again he isn't 16 anymore, EVEN I start to get used to the fact that he changed (HUGE comming from me) , due to his fatehr's death and his whole drama with Blair and JAck and the company. SO I am willing to addapt to seson 2 Chuck (minus the Elle fiasco, when somebpdy CLEARLY HIT HIM ON THE HEAD!)

And even though there weren't many CB scenes, still, I liked how we got to see a business Chuck, FINALY making LOGICAL business attempts - AND LOVED THE NEW Penthouse!!! I just don't like the idea of Chuck and NATE moving in together! I mean  really? Doesn't he or Nate know better, don't they feel wierd sharing the aprtment with the girl who one used to date for 10-years, and the other is dating now and stile her basically form the former!!!??? OBVIOUSLY I don't expect Chuck and Blair moving in together, NO it's her 1st year at college and theyare NOT ready... and jusging from the speed and the scenes in season 3 I wonder if we will even see that in the next season. 

It's just in a few episodes JACK comes back!!! And honestly after that the show will be all angst! Either because they will continue to make Chuck an emotional zombie and he won't care that his uncle/patentional rapist/stalker of his GIRLFRIEND/his Blair's onenightstand/advantage taker when she was drunk is around Blair.... WICH Officially would SUCK just as much as VUCK, but since that happened despite the HUGE protest and rating drops, I sort think that is exactly what we will get = ANGST for us!!!

Or We will get what we want, and the NATURAL Chuck Bass reaction of JAck around Blair in New York, fights, and probably a break up anyways... even if it comes 2 episode after Jack leaves... IT WILL COME! So liek I said if they bring in Nate during all that, or after that when CB are breaking up or BEFOR Ethat like in a few episodes... IT WILL mean we will get even less CB + Jack SL scenes, which means it will be illogical unrealistic and rushed, and having Blair's prodigal EX in the next room will hardly be of help!!!


- as always: MORE CB scenes, and by that I don't mean stupid NYU pranks and gay plots against STUPID Vanessa

- less PG-13 and MORE 1x07 limo mood.... it's episode 3x09 for Christ's sake!!! you only have like 14 episodes left, and we still haven't gotten a single scene of them lying in bed TOGETHER in the morning without at least some clothes! I mean we even got a shot of Serena and Gabriel in 2x23, but we haven't seen Blair in her underware, and 3x03 pyjamas doesn't count... even Chuck Bass rejected her... since season 1 and one scene in season 2!

- Some Chuck and Blair LOVE drama SL which involves a happy ending after 3 episodes. And lets be honest after 3x15 there will be no happy ending after Jack comes into the picture, I'm not a pessimist but a realist. 

- JEALOUS CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not because I want him all crazy and controling, but because it seems hardly real that a hot rich girl like Blair GOING to COLLEGE wouln't be hit on by some guys at least A FEW!!! I mean honestly, she is a clooge student in NY!!!) We have seen anough of Blair's healousy attacks going as far as attacking JENNY humphrey (still feel sick after C and J scenes in 3x04) , but Chuck HAS NOT ONCE been even slightlu annoyed about anything, even in 3x05 from the scenes I saw he just looked tired of Blair talking about other guys... I MEAN, we get it CHUCK had grown up.... 

But HE IS NOT A DIFFERENT PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Developed character or not, when the love of your life is Blair-hot and talks about other guys.... THere really is only one reaction - and that is JEALOUSY!

SO what do you think guys??? DO I have valid points? And yes, I think JEALOUS Chuck is the best!!! I always thought Jealousy bring out the true colours of his feelings!!!! GREEN!


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blair said what every1 want her 2 say!

serena just so annoying n just think of herself is the best n think that she is a good person but actually she's worst than BW seriuosly.

this episode is what i'm looking 4 since the past few episodes in s3 such a lame episode=bored!!!

serena had always told blair how bad blair is, wout considering herself s bad s BW is!

thumbs up 4 dis episode =)

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