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obviously gossip girl is the best show on television, but does anyone know of any shows that are similar to it that i could start watching??? i'm looking for something just as addicting :) 

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Well... 90210 isnt addicting in my opinion

But they are copying Gossip Girl character to spread gossip in the show, for what I've been told

So... Thats a similar show!


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Umm... Well I liked Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money, but they both got cancelled. :(

Grey's Anatomy used to be good, but the writing hasn't been that great this season. GG is currently the only show I'm watching.

I know some people like One Tree Hill on the CW.

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theres nothing really similar to GG that i can think of at the top of my head besides 92010...and that is nowhere close to being as good/addicting as gossip girl IMO...yet i still continue to watch it as it seems to be improving though..

umm...maybe ud like to catch another josh schwartz production called Chuck, thats pretty funny=)

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Some very general things remind me of the O.C.



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it kinda reminds me of the OC but i know why...;)

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Sadly, there are no other television shows currently on that are even similar to Gossip Girl. However, you can always check out older shows, which is what I do. Buy/Rent/Stream from Online The OC. There's 4 Seasons of Josh!drama to get through and Seth/Summer in Season 1 = awesome. ...You can also watch fake!reality and rent Laguna Beach or The Hills, if you haven't already seen them all.

A lot of good shows that I enjoy are currently on hiatus like Gossip Girl right now, but you can still check them out: The Office, Flight of the Concords, House M.D. Again, nothing like GG, but the first two are so funny & the last one has awesome snarkary.

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The OC


The hills/Laguna (maybe?)

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no idea.. Gossip Girl is the only non-news show i watch.... my normal tv viewing consists of The Orielly Factor, The Situation Room, Anderson Cooper 360º(my personal favorite show), Larry King Live and occasionally I'll watch Lou Dobb's Tonight, Hannity & Combs, and or No Biased w/ Cambel Brown.

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