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So girls, now that's official that GG will only have a short Season 6 (10 - 12 eps), my question is, what would YOU still like to see before the season ends?

I'd like to see Nate on a sailboat (you only get this when you read the books), Cherena before Chair-reunion, Dan running off to Columbia or Venezula or Paraguay to get inspiration like Hemmingway did in Spain, a Rufly divorce, Ivy getting into a mental institution, Lola kicking asses (hard), Serena go back to her actress jobs, Blair getting a job at all.

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Blair getting a job at all


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Well it's not official yet...

Dair ending up together, of course.

Serena single and happy.

Chuck finding love with his family and maybe starting up a business that's all his own that he fully believes in.

Nate finally finding that girl he loves and settling down. Going back to school and finishing his degree.

Dan on his third novel that's not inspired by a person he loves or anything related to that person. A completely original story.

Blair discovering her purpose in life that's unrelated to her relationship and following that path.


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Well it's not official yet...


Let's pretend it is. Btw: Please NO BASHING of other's wishes here. We have about 500 Dair vs. Chair threads, I want this one to be a post-thread only. Thanks.

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I want Dair to be endgame.

I want Dan to cut his hair.

I want Chuck to be happy, but not with Blair :P

I want to see Blair scheming again and I want to see her become powerful woman or at least that she is on her way to becoming one.

I want to see Jenny and Eric at least one more time. I don't give a f* about Vanessa.

I want Serena and Nate to be together.

I want Chivy to go nuts and kill LOla. :D

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I would like to see Chuck and Blair Wedding or maybe Dan and Serena Wedding.:-)

I want Serena and Nate friendship scenes back.

I want Rufly on a worldtrip (with a motorbike:-) )

I want Jenny back at end maybe with a new boyfriend (nate could be jealosly)

I want Ivy and Lola rule the Upper East Side.

And maybe Nate, Serena, Jenny, Blair, Chuck, Dan could go on Holiday together. (having some fun)

And Blair an Serena should get their jobs back.

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before Dair end up together in the season finale (i wish about that :) ) i would like to see:

-Chuck and Dan friendship real build up

-Chuck and Nate play basketball again.

-Serena being an actress at Hollywood

-Serena and Nate reconcile their relationship and end up together

-Blair being a producer or fashion dictactor at movie project.

-Blair being a chairwoman in Vanity Fair.

-Dan and Blair making a movie project, Dan as a scripwriter and Blair is a fashion stylist or assistant producer

-Dan and Blair cook some food together

-Nate plays soccer with Dan

-Nate being a congress man


the last scene that i like to see in season finale are:

-Chuck buys a cup of coffee, and the waiter is Eva. they look each other and smile..just simple.

-Serena at Hollywood calling Chuck, Nate, Dan and Blair..telling them she's preparing her movies.

-Blair at the MET Steps busy with her (indie/classic) movie project as a producer while Dan comes with the director.

-Nate at his office prepare himself to be an congress man


the most important part that i wish i could see is : NATE AND BLAIR ARE HAVING A SCENE TOGETHER AND TALK WHATEVER TO EACH OTHER.

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ah i forgot...i want Columbia vs NYU thing since season 3.

Lola and Charlie can start being student at NYU in season 6.

so, Dan,Lola,Charlie vs Blair,Serena,Nate..whatever their battle..i hope they'll going back to college thing

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Chuck to get a new, interesting SL (I.e. one unrelated to pining after Blair or Bass family drama). Blair to start to think about her career again like she was before the terrible Royal wedding SL. Dan to get a haircut. At the end of the series I want to see Serena alone, happy and successful. It seems like she always has to apologize for who she is in relationships and I'd like to see her wait for someone who will love her for her. Unless they bring back Carter for her which I'm all for! Nate to be more integrated in the Serena/Blair/Dan/Chuck SLs and not so segregated into gueststar territory. Rufus and Lily to get a SL. I'd like to see Dan and Blair given a genuine shot at being happy together. Not only because I ship them, but because Blair has jumped around so much this season and has been so unhappy. I'd like to see them remain together for a little while to give everyone a break and some happiness before they inevidibly drag up the chair stuff again.
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I forgot one thing, I would really like to see all 5 of them doing something..whatever

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