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I dont think Blair is pregnant I think she is having eating issues because she is eating too much 

with the stress of mommy in law. 

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http://www.tvline.com/2011/09/gossip-girl-pregnancy-spoiler-blair-serena-dorota/ Well the article confirms it! Here is my guess: I bet Blair isn't sure who the father is and will assume it's chucks. I bet it's dan's. All of this will relate back to the whole right love vs. great love line of last year. I will be shocked it she doesn't miscarry....they always do on tv. Of course somehow the book/chapter will make it's way into blairs hands without Dan knowing it. Now I want to know.....in the book did Dan really keep blair's real name in it!? Not smart!!!!!
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they didn't say they'd reveal the father in the middle of the episode, they said in the middle of the season. so this will be draged on for ages

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Chuck and Blair had sex! it was clear in the final episode!

Just because their was a few small hints in the first episode does not mean that dan is the father!


Watch this! Dan clearly says that he was the last one too... kiss her!!!! unlike chuck who confirms they went all the way. In saying this i could definetly see the writers making the baby dans but i just dont see it as a realistic plotline as it wouldve had to have been in season 4. and in episode 17 of season 4 a huge deal is made about the "kiss" why would that be but than the fact that they have sex is completly disregarded and never mentioned till the convienent moment of when blair needs a father for her baby!

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Good point Elle.

Just to play devil's advocate here. He's not about to tell Chuck of all people he slept with Blair (still doubting that myself and I'm a dair fan BTW) is he?

Blair has made it clear since (again if it did happen) by choosing Louis and then Chuck at the Bar Mitzvah over him. The Chuck insults for Dan would practically write themselves . Not even Dan is that much of a masochist.

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