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I pass this link, or think but this is driving me crazy, the last episode was the president that all the fans wanted, but with both medium and not what to think, I think it is fair that we bring every season with the same, for all it is clear that Chuck and Blair are to each other, that there can be another couple who is so devoted to his love like them, but from the promos of the wedding, which remains open from the start to Dair makes me feel very confused and angry, can not be that every season we are only illusions, they swear eternal love and then just separate them again, that it begins to bore me they need to be together and I can not understand and after weighing it was a baby in between decided to be together, because it seems that Blair continues with the wedding plans, it is not real ... I just hope that only because the family of Luis do something for her to decide to let go for the twentieth time Chuck, someone explain to me why this is happening because I really do not understand ...The only wedding that must exist in Chapter 100 is the Chuck and Blair.Producers no longer stretch this story and let them be happy for God ...Someone with more data than the next 3 chapters ????? Please be good.

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Most fans on here are pro-Chair. So we believe too, that the marriage won't happen - with Louis that is.^^

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I bet its a fake out. Remember when S2 finale they shot blair kissing both nate and chuck to keep ppl guessing
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Which president will marry Louis? (sorry I didn't understand a word of the original post)

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seriously, i hope so. i cannot stand another half season with someone pronouncing Blairs name like he was about to vomit.

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they're spreading Blouis pics on purpose imo. We all know she won't marry that douchebag, but they have to create some suspense, you know

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