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I wish Blair was pregnant :P That'd be a completely new storyline, could be quite a intersting one too I say :-) 

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I think the worst part of Blair's potential pregnancy, is that 

a) she is engaged to a guy she wanted to leave for another guy

b) she cheated on her fiance 

c) the baby daddy is a question mark

d) potential baby daddy refused to change anything about himself and rather gave his blessing for Blair to continue her engagement to another guy

e) babies shouldn't bring people together (and they normally don't)..the problems that caused people to separate don't just get resolved because there is a baby on a way; actually the problems get worse because now there is a baby on the way on top of everything else (everything else being points a - d).


Bringing a baby into this mess is a disaster.  Normally, disaster = great storytelling potential. In GG world, however, disaster actually equals disaster.  

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i should have said "parts"

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I'm like:

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you guys are so sad

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So, I had posted it on another thread, but seems like a dead thread there, so I thought it could fit here as well. Here are my suggestions:

Well between Serena and Blair, to me the baby is more likely to be Serena's. I know, I know...she hasn't been with anyone in a while, since Ben, and she would be showing.. I thought the same, but then I considered:

a) There's NO WAY Blair would act like she did if she knew she was pregnant. She would never leave with Louis to start their life together if she had the tiniest doubt that the baby could be Chuck's.

b) Even if she did, meaning supposing that she actually left despite being pregnant, there's NO WAY she would abort potential Chuck's baby without even telling him. I have some doubt that Blair would consider abortion at all, and I bet she would keep it even if it was Louis' because she believes in love and is already willing to build a family and embrace adulthood (at least she thinks she is), so she would have no reasons to give up on her child.

c) At the same time it's not possible that despite being pregnant and deciding to keep the baby, she would still get married to Louis in November when she would definitely be showing. I don't know if Louis is catholic or not, but it would still be a royal wedding and she can't show up with a 5-months belly! And 5x01 realise does mention that she's planning the wedding back from her holidays...

d) On the other hand, Serena was definitely acting weird at the end of the season finale: choosing herself, leaving alone, thinking...just weird. And we know that whenever something "bad" happens, she usually runs away instead of facing her issues. And this time she ran to Cece, who has some experience with this stuff, right? And she won't be immediately back in NY after the summer, but Nate and Chuck will pay her a visit, what if they found her pregnant in LA? Besides, Serena is the type to actually consider abortion or adoption as first options...above all if the baby is Ben's, meaning a guest star and not the love of her life (the only way she would consider keeping it would be if it were Dan's imo...which obviously is not).So Serena just makes more sense to me.

But it could easily be neither of them, maybe it's just part of a Georgina's plan with Ivy to mess with the UES (but what's the point if nobody saw the test, not even Dorota?..) Well, I honestly don't know, I just believe the baby it's not Blair's - I know the writers like to pretend their characters can change in a blink but that would be too much out of character even for them IMO. 

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um, a lot of takes here are interesting. tbh idk neither of the girls is pregnant. it's just too heavy of a subject for gg writers to handle and execute properly. i am expecting a miscarriage or an abortion, both which could be emotional sls for the the girl carrying the baby. an abortion would be sort of an emotional dilemma and knnowing Blair and how judgmental she is of people being a in a position to make a decision that goes against accepted human conventions. Maybe that would teach Blair a thing or two about how she views and treats people; definitely knock her out of her princess fantasies and into reality. that would be a rude awakening because she can't stay in denial forever. she has to face it because her time to make a decision about it is limited. i think being in the position to make a decision about keeping a baby or not could really wake Blair up. and if it turns out to be a miscarriage it will aslo be an emotional sl for her. she's gonna learn a lot of consequences. it threathens her life. it will definitely be a pivotal point in her character development. and i hope that Chuck can be there for her during that time and maybe this could be  the best turnabout for their relationship. it could be such a great moment for them that it can allow them to move on from the past. Otherwise if she really has a baby idk what i will think of gg. i think that's pretty not creative at all, it's the easiest route to take. and it won't make sense to me. However i'll remember that there is always a chance it might ber Louis's and there's always chance the girl might be Serena.

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Like ur points , if is Blair I'd love the baby is loui's , just to keep the contrary to all those crazy chair fans, and as a few said I think is more likely to be Serena, it may be the secret that Charlie is going to use to destroy the vdw as the s5 said , otherwise she has no point in been there besides Dan and knowing Georgina , as soon as she knows about it is going to use it .....
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Don't see anyone becoming pregnant by a recurring character. And yes I know about Georgina and Dan, though we all knew that was a hoax.


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If it hasen't already been suggested, could Blairs Mom be the one pregnant?

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