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The GG writers tweeted after the airing of the West Coast finale that the pregnancy test scene had never been written down.  That's why it didn't show up in any of the leaked scripts.  They filmed it all at the same time.  So it was not added at a later date it was always in the original episode just never scripted.  You have to hand it to them.  They had obviously learned from past leaked experiences and wanted to avoid that.

Thing is though, it wasn't such an OMG! moment for me. So I don't really see the need for the complete secrecy. And at any rate, they failed at the secrecy since there were people who did supposedly know what was going to happen.

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♥ Lol <3
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interesting ,now i want to know if leighton or blake knew about it since it wasnt in the scripts, , just a little surprise, ! ur pregnant and need to use a belly in those fab outfits we put u in !!

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this is gona be just like juno


exactly. and blair will get herself one of those hamburger-telephones and start making annoying sarcastic comments that are supposed to be funny.

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It's really surprising to me that people think Blair or Serena might actually have a baby on the show. I don't doubt someone at some point was pregnant and that it might be Blair... but I seriously doubt she will actually have a baby on the show. My guess is there will be a miscarriage or abortion. It might be a good reason for Louis to break up with her after he finds out she was preggers and it wasn't his. It might also be a good reason for Serena to run off to California. I just think Serena running off the Cali for an abortion seems natural.

Someone brought up that the pregnancy test was after Blair looked happy and airy. I don't know why I hadn't considered that but yeah that makes sense.

The fighting in this thread is sorta funny to read.

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My guess is there will be a miscarriage or abortion.

Guess or wish? Let's not fool ourself. Blair's due around April, right about when the series ends (pretty sure for good) anyway. They could make this happen. In fact, I want them too. They owe the Chair fans a lot.
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my guess is blair

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I THINK BLAIR IS PREGNANT! they didn't talk about it in the press release to keep the suspens till september!

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Of course she's not pregnant and she will not return to Chuck or it will be so boring again.. She will end up with Dan ;)

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My guess is Nate .... That pretty little girl that couldn't shut his mouth .... Maybe he and Rufus can get a very pretty family
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