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Chuck's pedo eyes on Jenny as he escorts her out the limo.

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Huh? I wonder what's going on? God...I can't wait for Sept 14th to just be here!!!!

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Ummm why is he going with Jenny to the premiere? What about BLAIR?

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They are practically famuily. Truste me THIS is a pairing we do not have to worry about in season 3 interfering with CB. It´s nice if they become friends.



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Someone said in the comments ( youtube ) that maybe Chuck just helps Jenny with the mean girls, you know. But I really like that they are do better now ( Chuck and Jenny)

And ofc. Ed looks so damn hot like always! <3

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mm but that would be cool! I'm not really a Chair fan lol

yay Ed looks reaaally great!!

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i agree with the mean girl thing plus we know cb isnt going anywhere for a while

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Im hoping Kirsten will post some GOOD GG spoilers next week, hopefully to do with any CB,CJ, Ca/S storylines, the spoilers we have been getting are utter C**p. Im not even going to think about CJ, ive lost so much faith in the writers and JS and SS that if I think about them to much im going to convince myself CJ are happening lol.


On the upside its nice to know Chuck is having scenes and his own storyline away from Blair, I was worried he was going to become 'Blairs boyfriend' and have no storyline of his own. Who know's maybe after Blair finds out Chuck took Jenny the white hot angry sex will happen.

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I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Chuck looks amazing in that suit. Love it!

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Yea not much to worry bout I dont think and imo it looks more like a look of admiration, like he is impressed with her...fingers crossed :)

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