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Well looks like CHuck is off to see the shrink. I wish they actually developed this storyline rather than straight away throw some scheme involving Louis in. They could have at least given him a few sessions to grow.


Using therapy sessions for him to grow would be lazy writing and pointless. It would be like making a movie about a character with a terminal illness for the sole purpose of showing him taking his medication instead of making the movie about the struggles of being sick or the miracle of faith or whatever. Shrinks in movies should be limited to “sounding boards” in Woody Allen’s comedies, LOL.

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Not neccesarily ,lazy writing would be spinning the same old " I'm Chuck Bass" and having him revert to that as has happened in previous seasons anytime Chuck has "grown" .Look like we will have to wait and see

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For me it doesn't work either way you look at it.  Scenario 1 has Chuck going to a therapist, learning about himself and becoming a better person.  Scenario 2 has Chuck going to a therapist and it becoming a scheme or him nailing said therapist and nothing changes.  Reformed Chuck seems kinda boring - there's nothing more dull than a born-again whatever.  Same old Chuck is just the same old crap recycled.  I think we're reaching the limits of interest around that character.

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After watching Canadian promo it is becoming painfully apparent that Chuck's therapy sessions aren't going to be focused on changing Chuck.  It looks that it's going to be about making Louis seem even more psycho than Chuck so that Chuck doesn't look so bad in comparison, so that Chair can find a justifiable foundation for existance regardless of the crap the writers did to this couple via Chuck for the past 4 seasons.   Chuck is once again portrayed a victim of I don't know what it is this time...same as he is every season.   

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@she was a day dreamer

louis is feeling insecure about this connection blair will always have with chuck and its bringing out the worse of him.

this whole thing about the writers are just trying to make all blair's boyfriends look bad to make chuck look good is just ridiculous because no relationship is perfect. they all have there flaws.

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Yeah I couldn't think of a better woman for Chuck. I mean even I can't understand why is childhood is the only responsible thing for everything he does. 

Shrink : (calm) Chuck, drop that hand right now, you don't really want to hurt me, it's your screwed up childhood that made you this way

Chuck : (angry) IT IS!!!......(calm) oh yeah you are right it is my childhood (laughs).... you are the most amazing woman I know you know that? ...I love you

Shrink : I love you too Charles


POSTED 10/23/2011 10:55:46 PM #   I wrote that before the show...am i psychic or what?
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