Here’s what’s going to happen in next couple of episode airing in January and February:

Episode 2.14Chuck has a hard dealing with his father’s death, and runs away to Bangok. He gets drunk in a bordello there, and his uncle Jack Bass bring’s him back to New York and to a worried Blair.

Jack tells Lily he want to be Chuck’s legal guardian.

Chuck gets in trouble at school smoking hash, Jack, Chuck and Blair attend a meeting with headmistress Queller about this, the headmistress wants to forget the whole incident if Chuck, doesn’t smoke again (in school), but instead he lights up a joint in the office.

Blair defends Serena, Lily and Chuck to the Colony Club an elite group of women Blair wants to joins, but opts out because of their cattiness.

Episode 2.15Chuck finds out at his father’s will reading that he is the now the CEO of Bass Industries, so that’s why Jack wants to be his guardian! Jack is upset by this. Chuck also agrees that Jack can be his guardian, based on Jack rule of no curfew and that he will allow Chuck to have girls sleep over!

Chuck uses his father’s office to entertain Jessica and Olivia. Dressed in boxers with drugs on the desk, the board arrives for a meeting only to be disgusted, they then leave. We will meet David Schneiderman the head of the board of directors who is obviously suspicious that Bart isn’t working and isn’t surprised by Chuck’s display because of his reputation.

It’s true Lily and Rufus had a son, they try to contact him and meet with an adoption lawyer Miles, but can’t because their son had to register at a search service for them to contact him since it was a closed adoption. Rufus is upset because Lily never told him she was pregnant. Miles agrees though to contact the parents to see if they would be willing to meet with Lily and Rufus.

Miles meets with Lily and Rufus’s son’s adoptive parents, Renee and Chris Rosson. Renee knew the birth mother would eventually want to meet her son. Renee is emotional and can’t agree to meet with Lily and Rufus.

But Chris the adoptive father does, and tells Lily and Rufus about their son Andrew…. Unfortunately, we will never meet him, because….he died in a sailing accident he and his friends jumped in the water, but Andrew was swept away in a riptide. This is why Renee didn’t want to meet them to tell them about it. Chris hands them a newspaper clipping from the accident. Lily is very emotional about the news; she asks if her son was happy. Chris tells her he always smiled. Rufus puts his around around Lily to comfort her. Chris also hands them a plaque with Andrew’s handprint. He made it at school as a child for Mother’s Day and Renee wanted Lily to have it.

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Hi there, Speaking of death prediction, I find it really odd that one of the on-line death prediction services showed me the same death date that I was foretold in my dream about a year ago. - I can’t explain this coincidence in any other way except that there must be some kind of magic involved here

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