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I'm not sure if this has been discussed anywhere, so I apologise if it has, but i'm curious as to how Dair will end and Blouis begin?

I mean things with Dair look like they're going really well, and could even go a step further (admitting they are actually friends and like each others company, and perhaps thinking how it could go further). 

So how will this all change with Louis coming? It's a shock knowing he's coming as things with Dair are just getting better and better (I'm an endgame Chair fan, but love Dair right now-don't shoot me).

What will be the catalyst for Blair liking Dan, then all of a sudden being with Louis?

Could she secretly still be seeing Dan after the six week break, in 4x18 and be pretending to be with Louis for show? So Serena, Chuck etc don't get suss and find out about her and Dan? 



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Total spec but I think DB kiss after Dan asks her to and they realise that they are more platonic then romantic


Blair is afraid she will lose Serena

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I'm pretty sure dair are just friends and at the end of 4x17 everybody will see that
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I heard after a spoiler (Gossipgirlss, I think), after 4x17 everyone will realize Dan & Blair are just friends.

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i think they will realise that they are good friends,nothing more and blair will move on to louis!

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beautiful. disaster
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yeah, i imagine them being like "did you feel anything?" "no." "me, neither." lol. it was obvious it wasn't meant to be romantic or lead anywhere, why else would they be already foreshadowing the prince? ;)
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Very good theories...
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Juliet Archibald
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I think that Dair ends up this week. Maybe the lonely boy and queen B share a kiss, but it'll be everything. They stay like friends. Louis will arrive at the Upper East Side in his white steed, grabbing the blair's vivier shoe... ♥

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Hanna - Dare to Dair
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is it a fact that Louis will return?

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or Blair is afraid she will lose Serena this is the reason both will be very confuse and not going as they would like,
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