Ihave to warn you that this secret is uncovered (more or less it continues in 2x21) in the last  scene of  2x20, so they might change the ending scene itself, but not the point of the mystery

, it is being filmed already...

PS. I mentioned on fanpop, that they write several endings.DS.


After finding out that Nate´s cousin is taken, B doesn´t care about him, however Chuck is still thinking of her (remember the bedroom scene, and B sleeping). In 2x20 beginning Chuck is talking to ***** = Nate´s cousin, about being married so young and going to college. The cousin tells Chuck that his wife is a control - freak, which Chuck relates to (probably thinking of B). **** also says that it is not her but him who is always asking her where she was:

"The girls get tired of us first, as soon as the wedding is over, take care or she might regret it." says ***

-"What makes you think I am thinking of som She?"- Chuck smurcks grinning...

-"Well, I can tell it by judging your character after that night at Serena´s you have changed, I ´m thinking someone in that room... and unless it is a He, there is only Serena and Blair, Serena being your sister now..."

-"I ´ve actually always wanted to try incest, it is still left on my list..."

-" (laughs)... Right... Just be careful, I wasn´t kidding she won´t be around that much longer, I meanhave you seen how she looks!!! I have to say I prefer a dark haired über-nazi-bitch, interesting and naughty... to tall and to-tall-y uninteresting, But Serena ´s cool!!!"

Later on in the episode Chuck is going to a meeting at B. Inc. and there he meets Jack, unexpectedly.

Meanwhile Blair is feeling awful:

- She is stressed out by the whole Yale thing, smashing one of her mirrors with a Yale mascot.

- Her mother is thinking about moving to another place

- Her father is gone to France

- There is a scene in 2x19 where B gets pictures from the schoolplay, in this episode she looks at them and sees how "FAT" she is... first she sends the whole staff home, including Dorota and then she starts eating, but after realizing that technically she gets out what she got in, not more,she stops eating, and during the whole 140 pages she is not eating anything except drinking cofé(NY method anyone) = anorexia/bulimia

- After the whole kitchen scene she takes a shower and when she goes down to the living room Jack is there lying on the  couch(the same that Chuck was in in 1x12) 



Serena is worried B, she talks to Eleanor  at school, Eleanor was there due to a meeting the parents have about graduation stuff!! Eleanor says that B is feeling bad, but she isn´t throwing up. Serena is still worried... Blair is (by discription) very pale, and not as perfect as she was... She wear a simple dress and looks like Serena usually does (obviously too sloppy for B)... Chuck is back at school, and he hears what S is saying to Eleanor, and starts worrying, but he doesn´t dram any coclusions concering Jack. He is however suspitious about Jack coming so close to his 18th birthday. And Jack isn´t fighting about the company anymore (not openly anyways). 

At that time:

Blair agrees to a dinner with Jack, just if could leave the appartment. He also touches her and kisses her, but she slaps him, and before he does anything Dorota walks in from the elevator. He tells her that he´ll send a car that same night at 20.00. Dorota is worried. When B walks up, to her room oarota goes to kitchen and sees in the garbage that there is a bag and she opens it, there is B´s food thrown away. Dorota calls Serena and tells what she knows. Blair is getting ready and Serena comes and talks to her...  but B says she has to go. 

Also in that scene Serena mentions Chuck and Blair flies up from her chair and says: "Where?"

Serena is very suspicious. She calls Chuck

Blair and Jack meet at a restaurant, private box.

Blair left her phone at home, which Serena finds ( is it just me or is it always the phone that brings out the truth, think 2x17 and Serena leaving hers at home)...Serena looks through the phone, and at that point Jack sent B a message, where he says:





This is followed by a link

Serena downloads the link to her own phone. And hurries home to check it out on computer...

Chuck is still at B. Inc. He is on is way out when he sees Jack leaving the building.  And thinks of following. Jack and Blair now meeting at a hotel (doesn´t say which)... 

Blair and Jack meet and he hits on her. There are flashbacks during their dinner...Apparently on NYE, Blair was at a party, she and Serena went to together. Serena and Dan left, Blair satyed and for the first time got drunk. Then there is a handsome man buying her a drink, Balir tells him about Chuck with names and all............................. while Jack is nodding and looks at her and saying:

" Well, I can see that a guy like Bass couldn´t fall for anyone less *** well just less, than you"

she is attracted to him, the  next thing you know they are making out in a corner of an elevator, going to a hotel room, the elevator doors open and Blair being in only her black underdress, there is a servant, seeing all this and Blair doesn´t care, until the person says :

"Mr. Bass, you had a phone call from the board you have a meeting tomorrow at the Palace."

(that of course after Jack asked for any messages.)

Blair in the flash back is angry hits him between the legs and smashes him against the wall. He screams after her, laughing, that he´lll expect her tomorrow for dinner, she says in his dreams, he says that otherwise he cannot tell her about where Chuck is, and also that he wouldn´t want his nephew to know that his first love is a SLUT!!!

The flash ends. Blair rises and Jack comes after her....

Meanwhile Chuck´s t his hotel drinking, not much though. He is there during the meetings (otherwise he lives at Lily´s)... Serena is calling him and telling him that she found a link, on whoch there is a tape from an elevator, filming Blair with Jack and Jack telling her all of what I mentioned...

Chuck is furious and when he turns to his left he is standing looking outside the wall (which is a window- you know so that the whole wall is a window, and he sees into another building, beeing another wing of the hotel, Blair being pushed against the wall by Jack, and struggling but he is stronger. He sees her smashing something, and running away. Serena is talking on the phone all this time, explaining B´s behaviour and aslo telling him about her sickness coming back. 

Then In the script, it says that Chuck drops the phone and runs downstairs. He runs down to the lobby looking around for Blair , he is devostated, Blairs runs out  on the head stairs... she sees him and faint, falling down the last couple of stairs... Chuck screams:

"Blair!" "Call 991", to the lobby guy. He runs to her, Jack is mentioned standing in the corner of at the top of the stairs, smiling!!! and going slowly back upstairs. 

It all ends with Chuck looking at unconscioius Blair and holding her his arms...



PS. Is it just me, or is the mood in this episode extremely dramAtic, but I LOVE IT, ESPECIALLY WHEN CHUCK DROPS THE PHONE AND RUNS DOWN THE DESCRIPTION IS FANTASTC, THIS BEING FILMED WILL BE AWSOME!!!Can´t wait to see Ed and Leighton performing!!!



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Wow thanks

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Dan & Serena couldn't have been at the NYE party together.  Serena was in Buenos Aires.  Dan was at a concert with his sister.

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Wow; sounds unbelivable!!!! Thanks for going into such detail!!

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Oh good point, Em

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Yeah, I thought of that to..Serena wasnt there on NYE :S

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S Hearts Chuck
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omgzzz.. i cannot wait to see this episode


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This sounds AMAZING!!!! Thanks proteinshake!!

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So..proteinshake..your explaination for the whole Serena-being-in NY-on NYE? :S

I dont know what to believe now.

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omg!!! awsome!

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