Nah, Bart said Chuck is the replica of his mother

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We know she was in an "institution." My guess is that CiCi forced Lily to have an abortion. She probably was like, "it's either your trustfund or this lovechild with the horrible Rufus." The reason Lily told Rufus they ended was that's just not ALL of the truth. Anyway, Lily has the abortion then goes crazy because she killed her and Rufus's baby and chance at happiness so is thus committed to a mental institution. Either that or maybe the adoption thing...but all the same. CiCi probably forced her to give it up for adoption for the same reasons.

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Rufus said: Is it a boy or a girl?

He is talking in present. If Lily had an abortion, he would have said: was it a boy or a girl? So there is a child somewhere. She must have given the child for adoption. It's possible the child is dead. Lily might have been informed. OR, the child is alive but she has no right to claim him/her because she gave him up.

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Uhh, I may be going on a hunch here; I think its Georgina I mean shes the one random person that knows Serina's past. && has no mention of a family && I totally believe that shes not gone for good.


oh && i think Bart Totally faked his death.


He's still alive some where.


&& omg whats with chuck && blaire?

well I should be one to talk


I have my own personal chuck; AKA my best friend.

he's sucha mother chucker <-- lol Blaire classic

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Lily was pregnant while at the hospital in France and Rufus didn't know. She gave the baby up for adoption. He was a boy and he was adopted by Renee and Chris Rosson. He died in a sailing accident. Lily and Rufus find the adoptive parents through an adoption lawyer, Miles. Chris agrees to meet with them, but not Renee because it would be too emotional for her. He says Andrew always was smiling and that Renee wanted Lily to have a Mother's Day present made by Andrew as a child.


My source: saw casting sides. They are always right.

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gg love
I think she gave the baby up for adoption, I'm just not sure why its such a big deal? Obviously its huge to lily and rufus, by why would anyone else be horrified? If it gets out I don't think anyone could look down on her, a lot of people do adoption. I just think they made way too big of a deal out of the secret
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Lily's daughter was given up for adoption and is still in France.  You know it's adoption because of the length of time she stayed there.  Bart isn't actually dead, but in France to get her.  He's playing Lily's mother against her to keep her and Rufus apart while he's gone.

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The back story about the adoption and the sailing accident may be true, but there must still be something going on in the present time:THE ACTRESS WHO PLAYS LILY IS PREGNANT IN REAL LIFE!

They have to fit that somewhere into the story line.



Also, to that girl that was saying the Georgina could be the lovechild:

Not only is that the randomest story turn, but Georgina DOES have mention of family. Remember on Georgina's last episode, Blaire contacted both of G's parents and staged a fabuous intervention which Dan helped her with? Georgina's gone from the story. Wish she'd come back, but there's no way in hell.

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how can it be georgina? we already saw her parents who sent her to military school .

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I read the spoilers to! and they said that Andrew died!

So their son is dead and not any of the caracters of the show!

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