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Does anyone know which episode they r filming? I think they are on to the finale but I'm not sure

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yes they are filming the season finale this week!

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they're like the cutest thing ever!!! you can totally see the chemistry in their eyes....that's all I need to see even if they don't get back together in the season finale...I need to see passion. chemistry, lust!!!

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Ahhh, my head hurts. That is not right, there are like four episodes left in the season. You can't just spend an entire season building the relationship of one pairing then dismiss it in the last two episodes for another very unstable couple. That isn't even a dig at Chair, it's just I find it so pointless in having bult up the Dair relationship if it's just going to be forgotten in a heartbeat. They should have had Chair all season so I could have stopped watching earlier in the season and stopped wasting my time.
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Chuck and Blair for the way:)))!!!!!!!

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The pictures look like they were taken in between takes. And it has the "leaving for somewhere" vibe because of the clothes. 

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Sorry this would be totally irrelevant but what on earth are they wearing?!@@@
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Awww they look so cute!

Sorry this would be totally irrelevant but what on earth are they wearing?!@@@ IKR? especially chuck. what's up with the coat?
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LOL when I saw all your comments I thought : ho this picture is probably going to be of them looking into each other's eyes feeling in love blah blah...

But then I saw the picture, they are side by side, not even glancing in the other one's direction. This picture doesn't reveal anything at all...

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