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this was just posted on ggsss:


The title to the Season 4 finale, The Wrong Kiss Goodnight , comes from the 1996 action thriller The Long Kiss Goodnight starring Geena Davis and co-starring Samuel L Jackson. Davis plays Samantha Caine, a mom and school teacher who also happens to be an amnesiac that lost her memories 8 years earlier. Through the help of private investigator Mitch Henessey (Samuel L Jackson) she learns her true identity is Charlene “Charly” Baltimore, an assassin for the CIA. After she and Mitch thwart a terrorist plot and save her daughter, Charly decides to abandon being the female Jason Bourne and return to her life as Samantha, mom and school teacher.

One thing about this film’s plot seems particularly relevant to Gossip Girl this season. The theme of double identities/dopplegangers (Samantha/Charly; mother and school teacher/CIA Assassin). Recall that the title to 4.02, the second part of the Paris Premiere is Double Identity and as all good Gossip Girl fanatics are well aware the season premiere predicts many things that happen in the finale (e.g., S2: Chuck was unable to tell Blair “I love you” in the S2 premiere but did so in the S2 finale; Chuck and Blair’s weird, seemingly harmless little sex game in the S3 premiere became a tragic reality in the S3 finale, etc). Another thought is that the “Wrong kiss” might be relevant. In 4.09 Juliet adopted Serena’s identity (another play on the dopplegangers theme) and kissed both Nate and Dan in her quest to get revenge on Serena. In 4.09 Chuck and Blair elected to “go up in flames together” by revealing their relationship through a public kiss at the Saints and Sinners party. In 4.17 Dan and Blair kissed to test whether there was anything more than friendship between them.

Guesses as to how the film title might relate to the episode? Do you think the double identity/doppleganger theme will be relevant to the finale? If so, how? There are several examples of double identities throughout the season so far (e.g, multiple “Serenas”, Louis and Chuck both playing the Prince and Pauper, etc.). There are likely more to come.

What about the “wrong kiss”? Chuck/Blair? Dan/Blair? Dan/Juliet? Nate/Juliet? Some other couple(s) entirely? Other thoughts? Speculation? Share them below XOXO.


The movie trailer for The Long Kiss Goodnight. (It’s actually a pretty good action film. You should check it out.


They are similiar titles and last year they changed it a few times too before it ended up what it was.

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i am so confused



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nice! :D

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The long kiss goodnight was an AWESOME MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the scene where she is cutting carrots and realise she is good at it. Then she is like : I'm a cook... and after she takes the knife and throw it and she looks like : oh maybe not. 


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Ok so I'm like so fucking confused that I don't event wanna try to figure out what all of that means or what's gonna happen.
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ggsss did say something about "who's her doppleganger?" (regarding Charlie) on twitter... maybe she does something like Juliet and pretends to be Serena?? No idea.It is all very confusing

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Wrong kiss goodnight ..... Someone is getting Lonely(Serena and chuck ) and More dair time for the summer???? Sounds like a bad decision is about to be make
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Im not even going to attempt to figure that out

if anyone has any theories, do share...:D

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Ok so no one has any theories on this?lolol I guess not
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