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i thought the blast about blair is sent and then she is yelling at serena and then chuck goes into another room. and then blair goes in and that's when the "tell me you love me" scene happens?

Kellerz, maybe but I really think it is more like party starts, blair arrives, talks to Jenny - finds out about Chuck and prom from Jenny, sees Chuck, takes him into the room, undresses, and asks him to tell her he loves her (because she knows he does), maybe he can't so she is hurt and leaves to go back to the party.  GG blast is sent.  Chuck is upset and leaves and she goes after him.  She probably talks to him in the hallway or maybe the room again.  He probably says something hurtful to her because of when she seems him at the limo she isn't too happy and doesn't believe him.

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Omg M.C I didnt even think that maybe Jenny tells Blair about Chuck's little deed he did for her.



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i'm not saying she's right  screwing his uncle (by the way this SL is so made up, i really can't believe how stupid it is!), but with his knowledge about the way she feels for him, their connection etc. he shouldn't be to petty.

if anyone is a whore, than it's him, but i guess he's a bit of a deception following the classical male/female archetypes, that he can screw everything that moves and being a hero for that, although she's a used (i think he said that once in season 1) "arabian"...

whatever. where there are conventions, there is drama...

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I think it's like this:

Blair finds out about the Prom and realizes that Chuck loves her and she goes into the room with him but we only hear part of what she actually says because these promos always like to fake us out.  I think she says "I know that you love me, I don't need you to tell me that you love me."  I think she says that she doesn't need him to say it anymore because he showed her by his actions that he does.

I think that is why he looks like he is about to cry, and her too.  I think it will be a very touching moment. 

I think that is why the limo scene is more lighthearted.  He says it and then she asks him to say it and smile. 

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you guys have good eyes. i never would've noticed that until you pointed it out.


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krazy4GG:I love your prediction of what blair says I hope it goes down like that.

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This was mentioned earlier, but im 99.9% sure Blair is wearing lingerie in this scene. xD
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I said this before in another thred. I think that Chuck is about to say it, but right before he does they get the blast from Gossip Girl and it ruins the moment

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Krazy for GG - that would be the cutest thing ever. I agreed that Chuck looks really sad during this part. 

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