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...with an interview with Ed/Leighton as well as JS/SS, is here:


Spoilery, of course. I can't translate French, but if anyone would care to, I'm sure people would be very appreciative. :)

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How do you make the pages bigger? I cant read the second page the writing is too small :(

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just click the image again

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Okay thanks :)

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can anyone translate?

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These are some translations thanks to the people at livejournal!

- According to Leighton, CB will dance around each other and it's going to be very intense.

- Ed said that Chuck has many layers and keys of intepretation.The most interesting one is his family's issues. His mother is dead and his father was a monster. People love his nuances, together with his excessive manipulative side. He enjoys playing this side very much and he wants to keep it. But C changed a lot because of his love for B.- So Ed thinks the mother was fake...

EW:Chuck changed because of his love for B.

LM: This couple always plays with fire. It's a drama. I can't stand it in real life, but on tv nobody wants to see a couple always happy/sweet...They are very adults in their relationship,despite being 17years old. They accept each other unconditionally for who they are. They found each other, but they can't admit it to each other. And they have a real sexual chemistry,which (EL) play.

-There's nothing particularly new on S4. Chuck and Blair's relationship will be swaying, more than ever. Chuck will question everything about himself in Paris, in a sort of a redemption effort. It would be difficult for him to reintegrate his world back in New York now that he has a different perspective.

-There is a lot about this journalist's excitement about meeting Ed in particular and her friends being jealous. Lets make this clear: she REALLY likes Ed, lol.

- The whole crew and the actors always have lunch together and the atmosphere is like at a vacation camp. That's what she was told, anyway.

- One of Chuck's lines would be a polite "please sit down" in French but the script had it wrong (too familiar for the circumstances, more like "you, sit down"). Ed had been practicing it wrong for two hours lol, so he wasn't a happy camper when he learned it wasn't right.

-Ed got lost in Paris when he went for a walk. When the journalist asked where he got lost, his response was that as he was lost, he couldn't tell her.

Then Ed talks about Chuck's character. The new thing for me was that he seriously works on Chuck's physical characteristics and the way Chuck talks is deliberate - as if the whole world should wait for him.

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There isn't much spoilery content in the article. It pretty much confirms what we already knew.

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I do speak french but its very long to translate.

in the begginning the reporter talk about her day and how much the actor dont spell her name right.. well its not so interessing.

later ed and leigthon talk about how they got the role, thats its nice to play a badboy or a bitch, they also talk about their carreer.

ed said that in the end on one episode he say i'm chuck bass but with more sadness like he realise something.

and for the other thing asho902 post something that resume nice the interview...

and that eva will changes chuck but we already know this right ?

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Yeah we all know this stuff so pretty much there is nothing new

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Chuck will question everything about himself in Paris, in a sort of a redemption effort.

This means he's a homosexual, kids. He likes his men with baby skin chests and shaved legs. Don't let any interview fool you!

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