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I'm so excited for this episode!

Anyway, I think the first parts of the episode will show what is left off in the last episode (The Grandfather). As Blair asked Nate to stay in the end, I think this will mean that they will continue being friends and meeting up in the next episode, which is Remains of the J.

In the first parts of the episode, it may show Blair & Nate having breakfast together or being together (as shown in the Quadrangle Blast). Chuck spies on them & talks to Vanessa. At the same time, a GG Blast comes out declaring a possible B/N reunion. But no, Blair & Nate are still only friends in this part.

After at Jenny's party, Blair & Nate continue to hang out (and as friends, I must stress). This made Vanessa & Chuck really jealous, so Vanessa abruptly retaliates by kissing Chuck. This surprised Blair & Nate. Blair must be drunk or really upset so she drags Nate to a room and tried to seduce Nate. But of course, Nate must decline. So they don't do anything. Nate just does everything to calm Blair down or something.

Afterward, at the last parts of the episode, I think the Snow Kiss happens. Blair's still upset & is crying. And then they went for the kiss. THAT is the time they realize their more-than-friends feelings for each other.

So basically, I think they are just friends when Vanessa & Chuck were scheming. However, with what Chuck & Vanessa did, they sort of gave a Nate-Blair reunion a push.

What do you think?

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I think this is pretty much how it will go down.  I think NB will be pretty much innocent with some mild flirting until Chuck's scheming interferes.  I think the episode will end with the snow kiss.  Then we'll have an episode or so of Blair & Nate (which might be longer in gg time).

Wasn't there a a spoiler somewhere that Blair gives Nate some advice re: Vanessa?  Did they scrap this plotline?

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i think chuck follows blair in the begining and sees her in nates house that's when he talkd to vanessa and she's not convince about doing something about it, then blair and nate meet in the park talk and they kiss, gossip girl sends a blast about them and vanessa sees it thought jenny or dan (idk i just don't see her checking up gossipgirl) then she goes to chuck house and they plot together (ugh i know that's chuck and blair's thing ) and decided they would fake being a couple.

we have jenny's party and nate and blair are together vanessa kisses chuck and blair  want to take revenge so she takes nate to chuck's room because she is jelause and want's to have sex but nate doesn't want to (:

idk about the rest though (: 

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That makes sense. I think thats what will happen.

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Where do you see the chuck on top of blair in chuck's bed fitting into all of this from the omg promo? foiler, or no?

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i really don't know because by the pictures we've seen nate and blair might be together for 2 more episodes so we can't really tell.

but imagine this they decide not to have sex in chuck's room but before they can't get up or something chuck walks in and sees them :O

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omg i cant wait for this episode...i think these predictions (Cash and Mary1415) sound good...im so excited for NB!!

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i agree with you, guys. chuck's scheme will definitely backfire and as for vanessa, nate doesnt do 'jealousy' and stuff. he breaks up right away and moves on to another--blair, in this case.  i mean kissing chuck bass in front of nate and blair? talk about obvious and seriously useless.

as for chuck, blair should give him the speech about hurting her again (because its what he's good at) by scheming with vanessa (of all people) when nate was just there to give her the comfort chuck obviously couldnt provide.

though, i still root for chuck for blair, blair's sanity is more important at this point and i am grateful that nate was able to solve it one night and prevent the bizzaro blair from going overboard since chuck couldnt stop it even though he tried.

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