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That's probably you.

It's so awkward when someone is just not witty. At all


 Kicked me off? Then howcome I'm still here?

Can you read? Because you're rude. 



Bitch, please.

 I don't know what a female dog has to do with this now. But you go ahead, Mr. 



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Does stella know cameron and the freaknextdoor is the same person? Someone should inform her trololol..

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well it depends on who you ship.

if you ship chair (because i honestly zone out or fast forward through everything else unless chuck or blair is in a scene) then season 4 is torture. just watch eps 7,8,9. haha after that just watch the finale hahaha

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oh lawd.

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every episode is a torture...omg god bless those episodes
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If anyone knows, it's you.

Care to tell us what's it like to be just like Vanessa? I mean pathetic. 

But just don't cry, bitch.

    Oh, my goodness. How could I ever miss this underwhelming answer.   Dude, I could make you cry, you know. Better don't mess with me.
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Stella, he's gone now. He sent me a message asking if he should leave, I said yes, he said goodbye and he hasn't been here since. I have caps if you don't believe me.

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Don't watch it. lol

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I'd watch the first half, I'm in the minority and actually liked it, but the second half is ass.

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