We all have our fav GG couples whether it be chair, dair, or serenate

But what would be the weriedist

my pick is Lyrus (Lily & Cyrus)

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Chair would be the making the less sense right now. 

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there arent even any weird ones because most possibilities have already happened

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Chuck and Serena - I just cannot understand that. It's creepy.

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Chuck and Serena....somehow its too awkward .....

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why not?

they're both whores

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Rufus and Eric

Georgina and Serena (this actually can make a little sense tho)

Dorota and Serena

Dan and Jenny

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woah not the incest path

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lol incest is only sexy if the story is set in the "past" (a la Game of Thrones/The Borgias)


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blair & rufus ?

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