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how do you imagine gossip girl will end?

also omg, i haven't been here for so long.

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The only way to save this show now is for it to jump 5 years into the future where everyone are grownups with careers.  Else, just cancel this show now and let Chuck/Blair go off into the sunset.  Nate and Serena should be together. They are both spoiled.  Dan and the REAL Charlie/Lola deserve each other.  They are talented and down to earth.

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The only way to save this show now is for it to jump 5 years into the future where everyone are grownups with careersThey aren't even at University anymore, why would you pass the college years, what is so wrong about college?!

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haha what's funny is that the show has already skipped that far ahead. college hasn't been mentioned/depicted since season 3 and they're all living like they're 30. blair's marrying, chuck/nate/serena have jobs, etc etc...it's ridiculous, but true. so a time jump wouldn't really be that different.

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I just want some more fun, happiness and scandal. It's been all angst and drama lately. 

I always thought Chair was endgame, but I'm not sure anymore. Too much happened between them, it's not a healthy relationship. I don't think any of the guys are right for her. I just want Blair to become as strong and independent as she was in S1 and 2. I'd like it if they mirror the GG novels for the ending. Blair/indepence FTW.

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It will end with Gossip Girl being a worldwide terrorist that blows up the entire East Side. Far fetched? I'd say so, except it's Gossip Girl. 

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Probably in a mindfuck. Blair will go to Yale and work on herself. Serena will become an even bigger socialite or will be killed off. Dan will join Vanessa in Europe. Chuck will die. And Lily and Rufus will eat waffles through it all. Nate will be revealed to be the REAL gossip girl.
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