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looks like everybody here watch GG just for their ship/couple. CHAIR,DERENA,DAIR,SERENATE,etc... Do you like gossip girl? For me who watch GG from season 1,watching GG is become my habbit..i never hate any character but maybe disappointed because how they potrayed by the writers. But,the thing is, i will always watch GG if Dair happen,Chair together,Derena reunion..whatever. Because i love Gossip Girl..sometimes i dislike sometimes i like the episode.but still download and watching.. And this tv drama that only has fanatic fans of their couple/ship..i mean,i watch grey's anatomy and glee but i never see fan war like GG.. So,do you like Gossip Girl? Or you watch it for some reason? i.e a couple from this? #sorry if this thread already in this forum *has no time to looking*#
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Gossip girl is my there-is-nothing-on-tv-i-hate-mondays show. Don't care if chair or dair happens, and I am most likely doing homework during it. So it's basically background noise.


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1 word 4 letters, first letter D. No Dair no care.
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I just continued to watch all these years because of the Pilot~ I figured Ssince I was there from the beginning might as well keep up~ lol~ Then I feel in love with Chuck and Blair season 1 and 2 but after that whole trading Blair for the hotel  thing, I was like WTF??? this show went to shit! then I kept up with it just because, not that it was exciting but like I said because I was there since the pilot. Then one day in season 4~ GG did the most amazing thing and got me interested in it once again~ They paired up Lonely Boy and Queen B~ The 2 people on the show I never thought would ever end up together! OMG~ that storyline revived a feeling from that show for me that was absent for a long time~ Their scenes, their banter, their friendship, etc... It just excited me to see this kind of romance between the 2 characters~ It reminded me of my favorite couple Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride & Prejudice~  And which is my favorite book in the whole world~ Sigh~ I cannot say enough~ The Dan & Blair storyline have ignited my excitement in watching GG~  :)

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jenny and her wardrobe.

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Just for DERENA!!!

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and derena

and the slight hope of nair coming back one day lol

also blair's vera wang wedding dress

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But the main reason I watch is Dorota. WHERE DA FUCK IS VANYA?!?!?



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Dair only. Couldn't care less about anything else happening on this "show."

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I love Gossip Girl, it is and always will be my favorite show. It has changed a lot since season 1, but I can honestly that I still love it as much as I did when I first began watching it. I'll admit though that Chuck and Blair have a lot to do with that. They are about 70% of the reason why I watch GG. If Chair was ever truly over, I would probably lose interest, but watch out of habit or curiosity.

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