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I was re-reading  The Unbearable Lightness of Being Chuck and Blair, you know that amazing fanfic? And I found quite a few similarities between that and GG Season 3!

There is this one part where Chuck slides down the wall and sits on the floor of the hospital after hearing about Blair's accident.. like in 3x12 except it was Bart.

Where Chuck and Blair are in the same positions as in the hospital scene in the DeBarted and he kisses her thank you

and a scene where Blair sends chuck away because she cant make him happy (just like 2x23 except that was Chuck)

And now an episode is being titled the unblairable lightness! I know that is also a famous book but still.. I keep feeling like the writers have read and liked this fanfic!


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I've personally never read the book, but if those similar scenes are in the book AND the fanfic, chances are, they based it on the book.

I'm not shooting down the fanfic btw because it is wonderful.

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Perhaps the question we should be asking is do the writers write fanfiction? :o there would be an interesting turn of events. 

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Yeah...I think the title is after the book and movie. The Unbearable Lightness of Being.


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Fanfiction is really addicting. So many incredible stories.

Love all the Chair stories. 

I love Dan/Serena's "Years, Days, Hours" and "Have You Ever?" but the Chair and Dair stories are lethal. I want the author of "Bitten" to finish the story up!

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I keep feeling like the writers have read and liked this fanfic!

i loved that fanfic. the way chuck stated there his first ilu to blair was imo better than the way the series did it. i don't doubt the fact that the writers would like it.

Chair and Dair stories are lethal.

this one. abs truths.

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I haven't read the book either. The similarities I was talking about are from the fanfic. I was just saying that there is book as well and they must've taken the title from that

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seriously I loved 80% of fanfics I've read, Nyx Underwood's works are epic, Enunciiate's works makes me cry lol, like Nick Sparks novel lol, most of them are so emotional, that it can move you and it's a fanfiction lol... I swear to god, I wish they would do more flashbacks lol  like enunciiate's works I wanna see mini-NJBC... 

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