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Ok Liz I am officially excited about this new Dallas I had no idea they were reprising their roles!! Yes time and time again I seem to like the bad boys (not true in real life though!). It started with Pacey who in retrospect is a fluffy little lamb compared to the other guys I shipped and although I adore Chuck my heart will always belong to Sawyer first!
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I have no idea what Safran is prattling on about, and I'm of the mind that he's probably only trying to generate some excitement, but if it turns out that everything after the crash is a dream I will be severely pissed. As much as I'd rather some developments (the wedding, the miscarriage, the God pact, the whole dowry crap, Diana turning out to be Chuck's mum, Lola's entire existence, etc.) never happened the writers need to own up to what they've created here. Going back and saying "psych! this was all a coma dream!" is unbelievably lazy which is why I don't put it passed them to do. My time watching House MD trained me to hate developments that reset the narrative. Now if there's only 1 episode of Blair or Chuck's "dream world" I could put up with that. Maybe it could be a "what if?" AU scenario running simultaneous to the "real life" canon story line? That would explain Bart's re-appearance in a far more appealing context (for me, at least) and could be really interesting! 

In 4x18... we remember that...even Dorota seemed surprised that all the build-up, going to see movies, exhibitions, hanging out in Dan's loft or Blair's room was for Blair to realise she was still in love with Chuck(ouch).Please Chair fans at least admit that was a totally unexpected turn of event and that Louis suddenly came in and battle with Chuck for Blair was out of the blue ...Please tell me you were really surprised that 2 episodes after Chuck's meltdown he and Blair would be having sex at a bar mitzva no less.


@Julliette, I totally agree with you and @Forever Young (and most likely all Dair fans) that what happened after 4x17 was terrible and made no sense whatsoever. I never properly shipped Dair but at that point in the series I was eager to see what happened next and was on board with them being coupled even if I still wanted Chuck and Blair to find their way back together eventually. 4x18 was the perfect time to do Dair and instead we get Blair returning to Chuck with basically no insight to what Blair was thinking. Then Louis returned, the proposal, the meltdown, a return to Chuck again, Louis AGAIN... God, it makes my brain hurt. I felt bad for all the Dair shippers and that is most certainly not how I wanted Chair to be revisited. A lot of it reminds me of what they did in 5x17 when Blair suddenly said she wasn't in love with Chuck...just a total "where the hell did that come from?" moment. We needed to be privy to Blair's thought process in both 4x18 and 5x17- and everything in between!- and we weren't, imo. It's pretty apparent after all these years that the GG writers know they can't write a happy couple and thus prefer to prolong the chase and shock us with OMFG developments rather than have continuity and logic in their story telling. 

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so gossip girl is the worst show on tv.

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Couldn't the alternative reality in combination with the return of Bart in some capacity point towards a 'what if Bart had never died' exploration on the show. If Bart hadn't died that would have had consequences not just for Chuck but also for Rufly who seem to have been hoven a storyline this second half of season five.
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is it for the finale?
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