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Biases, obvi.

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LOL..stella,not all people should have same opinion like yours,right? Summer?oh some of us work and study at college and maybe taking a vacation, if you want to know :)

  To be not really ladylike but honest, IDAGF about your real lives but all this complaining about a TV SHOW for heaven's sake. This was such a nice place lately and now the shipwars started again. - "bye bye Baby Bass" is one of the lowest moments this forum had ever to face. Wishing a MISCARRIAGE up on anyone is just sick and twisted and psychotic.
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Dair fans (Or Fans in particular) have every right to complain. Why just take everything the writers throw at us as "epic"? Even the best shows make mistakes and Dair fans were literally screwed.

People are spending way too much effort

Not really. It takes like 5 or 10 minutes to write something here (or shorter).

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Don't have better things to do with your summer?

stella,,that's your question.

and now after i answer your question you reply:

To be not really ladylike but honest, IDAGF about your real lives


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To be honest I think many Dair fans expected to be screwed in the end but not like that. At this point I wish they ended with a video revelation. People were upset but at least that was understandable. The finale was a punch below the belt. Out of the blue. It also painted girls/women as deceiptful and petty, but no judgment.
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Well Chair got screwed over by that IP shit and chenny. Derena with Dair and now the finale. So yeah GG was really shitty long before this. People shouldn't be surprised really.

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^ really? Dan or chuck could have one???? you out of your fucking mind if you think Dan had a shot. She always goes back to chuck it happened last year as well! Blair must have been dropped as a baby multiple times to go back to that cunt. they both need bullets in their head because they will be misrible for the rest of their lives and they might as well just end it now.

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