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i didn't like the episode that much. i don't like the fact that chuck and blair have such bad luck. serena was a real bitch in the episode. i hated her -.- how could she do this??? suck a crackw***e. i'm sorry i'm saying this and i hope noone feels offended but i'm just disappointed!!

i want more chair scenes and i want them to be happy and to have all the luck

and the writers should not waste storylines on serena or vanessa...

but i loved how blair ruined georgina's party. i love the catfights between them. G and B are great =)

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the episode was great and i dont think that the waste the time on serena or vanessa. because this is not the chair or darena show or so what.. its gg and gg is everything from every there.. !!!

the amount from this make this..

the chuck and blair scene at the end was really cute=) and i find this so great that they get their moments now..=)


and rufus was a great father figure for serena... she needs that.. and rufus and chuck shake hands yeah.. and rufus have made waffles for chuck oh dear yeah..

and i hope we get more from serena and carter in the future..


blair and georgie as roomates are only funny but poor blair she sees that she can not be the queen there..

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