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It will be obvious now that the crushed ore falling upon the endless carrier 18 will be distributed thereover in a thin sheet by means of the distributer 22, and that when the conveyer carries this crushed ore beonto the chute 25,<a href="http://www.lightcrusher.com/solutions/mobile-tracked-crushers.html">mobile tracked crushers</a>. The particles which may fall off from the belt as it passes around the roller 17 to the point Z) fall onto the chute 24 and are carried beneath the second drum 26 which picks up any magnetic particles and in turn discharges them onto the chute 25, while the thoroughly separated, nonmetallic particles pass down the chute 24 and are discharged. As before remarked, I do not wish to be limited to the particular manner of forming the electro-magnets or the particular manner of causing these electro-magnets to become energized and deenergized.

This combined separator and crusher may be portable so that it may be carried to any i desired point Where the ore is being mined so that the ore may be crushed at the point where it is being mined and the iron separated from the non-magnetic particles so that only the natural iron ore may be transported to the smelter or other place of final treatment,<a href="http://www.lightcrusher.com/solutions/used-stone-crushing-machine.html">used stone crushing machine</a>. At the present day it is necessary to transport the ore, which includes large masses of non-magnetic materials, from the mine to the smelter, thus adding very greatly to the cost of production.

I have illustrated the shaft of the roller 17 as carrying band wheels whereby the drums 19 and 26 may be rotated. I do not wish to be limited to this, as obviously they may be driven in any desired manner from the motor driven shaft 13.

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