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On tv.com there is a bracket battle for the prettiest blonde and brunette, well Blake and Leighton have both won their first round, but now they need to win again.


Here is the link for Blake, (vote from June 26 to July 11):


Here is the link for Leighton, (vote from July 11 to July 23):


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Cool! Thanks for posting! :)

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I also must add that Leighton and Jessica Szorh were in the same round and Leighton beat her!

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^^^Thats doesnt surprise me at all lol

And I voted for Blake and I hope I can remember to vote for Leighton :D

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 They're also up for Teen Choice awards I believe.. best actress in a drama or something like that. I'm going to go vote for Blake!!!

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Yes..theya re nominated for TCA,Leighton and Blake for best actress drama tv series.Alos Blake is nomianted for the hoteest actress or something like that.I voted Leighton for the best actress

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Yeah, I did vote for them for the teen choice awards!

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For the teen choice awards, I voted for Leighton. She's a better actress than Blake.

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I also vote for Leighton in TCA, and I vote everyday!!

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 I voted for Blake!! I hope she wins : ) I'm surprised they let Leighton be nominated after the sex tape thing...

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