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Fine get excited about it. It will just make me laugh harder when Blair and Dan dont get together. Thats my [Captain Odvious'] opinion anyway.

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Chris (undeclared)
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Lol okay gurl okay

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These noobs smh.

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shrimpie i love you and everything you choose to be

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Jeez. We can't be happy if we want? LOL

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I'm personally excited because that dream sequence is simply freakin' adorable.  I'm excited to watch it and see what comes from it.

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I'm so excited with the Dream and Dairport scenes. Actually, I can't wait to see every flawless Dair scenes. So perfect together. Come on January!
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WTF did Blake say at the end??

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shrimpie appreciation

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Hi Ari Hi Tibby! Muah!

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