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mines was nathan and haley from "One tree hill" but i dont ship them anymore after they had the baby.

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Pacey and Joey from Dawson's Creek. :)
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Ummm probably Clark and Lana on Smallville or Rory and Jess on Gilmore Girls:) Sadly both of those OTPs failed...

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Rory and Jess was also one of my first OTP's and Emma and Sean from Degrassi 

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Seth Summer

Ryan Taylor

Marissa Alex

Brooke Lucas

Tyra Landry

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Buffy and Angel if I remember correctly

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Marizza (y) Pablo (Rebelde way) aww
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Cece's Revenge
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Ephram and Amy/Phoebe and Cole

I don't know which show was aired first in Spain. 

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i was young so : maron and chiaki :) from kamikaze kaito jeanne, both manga and anime (tv) , well the mangas were muuuuch better..


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Chuck and Blair..first and only
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