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What's your first GG otp? Do you still ship it, and why/why not? What's your otp now? Just interested to see how many converted fans etc. :)
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lol you probably know this already

but Derena all the way. I'd say always have, always will but that's a Nair line lmao. oh and yes Nair <3

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Haha yes Pat! My first otp was Derena, and it's from the very first episode of the show. I shipped Derena HARD, until..well, 4x10, I'd say. From 1x01 to 4x10. But, shipped it in s3 praying for some scenes, then squealing after 3x21/22, then hoping for more in s4 but they let us down. I think after 4x04 I had my hopes high, but after 4x10 I completely lost interest and if Dair didn't happen I'd probably quit the show tbh. I was ABOUT TO QUIT THE SHOW. I stopped being interested in Derena because Dan didn't/and now doesn't deserve to be with her, but much better than that. Her love interests thing didn't help, AT ALL. So, yeah. I will always ship s1/2 Derena because I think it was a wonderful relationship - never understand why they screw that. Now, my otp is Dair. I'd say I'm a converted fan, totally. I regret nothing. Dair is imo the best thing that ever happened on the show, their perfectly written dialogues, their witty banter and now this completely new stage in their relationship. Blair's been through a lot in life, and since I think 'her destined to be with Chuck' is like a curse, I am deeply convinced she deserves a guy like Dan.
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lol Iv. 

My first OTP was Chair and I think it's obvious why I hate it now. I found lovely their relationship in season 1 and I liked it in season 2. But season 3 and 4 destroyed that to me. Do you really need an explanation here? 

And now I ship Dair because they are what keeps this show alive, IMO. I think they deserve someone to make them happy and well, I've always believed this: 

So for me, all that bullshit about epic love making you suffer is just that, bullshit. 

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bb I know right. they're completely ruined Serena's character. I miss her carefree, focused self :/ but idk she's better now. I hope she grows as a person and hopefully one day (soon) she'll be able to redeem herself and Derena can happen again lalalala what a perfect world~ dw I understand why everybody ships Dair though. they're a breath of fresh air. 


Oh and I shipped Chair hard in s1/s2. well I guess everybody knows why I don't ship them now. it doesn't really need to be explained.

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What's your first GG otp? Do you still ship it, and why/why not? What's your otp now? Just interested to see how many converted fans etc. :)Good question. I think it wasn't a full out ship and still isn't in the sense that I care more about another pairing right now, but I always thought Nate and Serena would make a great couple later down the road.

I would still really like them to end up together.

I also remember thinking Blair and Dan would make good friends if they ever set aside their prejudices, so I guess the root for my current Dair shipping was already there lol.

I used to like Chair together, but i wouldn't say I shipped them. Anyway the IP and window smashing put an end to that.

Oh and weirdly Rufly. There was a time I was more excited to find out whether they would make it finally work than anything going on with the younger set.

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I have always been a DAIR fan since season 1 and has always been hoping that they would get their chance someday. I think it was in the episode Bad News Blair that started my fascination towards them. I like that they appear to be two polar opposites on the surface but really have so much i common.   

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Chuck and Blair and Rufus and Lily since Season one

And i will not give up this^^

They are my otp:-))))



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Chair, Chair and always Chair. Reason I got into the show, reason im still staying tuned in. They are great TV.

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I started watching this show mainly because of Blair. She and nate were so cute and perfect and all, but then they started focusing on Chair, so yeah


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