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Here is the thing, I didn't really mind the finale as much as you guys did , i have been reading this forum, and i must admit i am not a shipper, i actually dont mind who hooks up with who in this show, its Gossip Girl , it should be about alot of scandals, but what i was upset about this whole season is how they put Serena in not second but the 2328472th place , she's suppose to be "serena van der woodsen" the symbol of the upper east side along with Blair, but they just shoved her character down so much it was irrational, i would have been better off if they didnt hook Dan up with Blair, because i always liked the idea of "lonely boy" who was inlove with the "it girl" of the upper east side, i would have wanted him to be with Lola or Georgina, i think it would have been better and Blarena would not have been destoryed.


So about the finale, i thought it was somewhat reassuring, like everything was going back to normal like season one, Chuck and Blair together scheming with Jack , Dan writing, Georgina back to destory S and B, Nate, well nate is nate . I Just think the finale season will be good for the viewers and probably will get more ratings than this season, actually, anything is better than this season.

i just wanted to see why you guys did not like the finale so much? was it because Dan and Blair broke up? or was it because Serena is going back to her old habits?


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I actually liked the finale. At last, we had some scandal, Blair got a prospective great career and finally made up her mind regarding the men in her life, Bart knocked some sense into Chuck, Eleanor was great, Dan character is finally consistent with the previous seasons and it's gonna stir some scandal with his new book probably, Serena and Blair fighting (this was long overdue). The one thing I disliked was that Serena went back on drugs. Also, I'm not quite sure why the writers opted to break up Lily and Rufus. 

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Truth? I did see it finally. Dramawise, i think it was good. Consistency wise it was like the past 5 years hadn't happened. All history has been forgotten, all progress has been abandoned, all characters have been unmade. A part of me likes angry Dan at the end of the finale because I identify with him after watching this and can't wait for him to destroy every single reputation of the Upper East Siders who essentially destroyed the Humphrey family through their games of powerful and bored. I feel lik the Humphries got used and disposed off when no longer needed. That makes me sympathise with them. A part of me also likes Serena on crack, because that Serena is unpredictable and she got also burned by Dan and Blair, 2 people she could always depend on, which makes her a woman on the verge of major life crisis. Not at all interested in Chair. I think the relationship sucks the life out of both characters, so not really looking forward to that but then again don't really care. I need Dan to make things painful for these people next season and sounds like he is on the right track. No more Mr. Nice Guy.
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