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The thing that I started wondering after watching the finale is alex/lexie/mark situation. Alex is clearly not over izzie and lexie knows it now. Mark loves lexie, but who does she love? Alex or Mark? She said she loves alex, but was she just saying it, cause she was terrified that alex will die? Personally, I think that mark and lexie belongs together and alex belongs with izzie, but katherine is not coming back, so who knows what will happen in season 7. Can´t wait

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Oh. my. gosh. I JUST watched my recording of the season finale. LEXIE AND MARK definitely belong together!!!!! I LOVE him with her. And owen definitely showed his real feelings when he went in for christina. I'm so sad for Meredith's miscarriage though.

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I don't think Lexie loves either. She may care deeply for both of them but not one of them may be the love of her life.

I bought more her relationship with Alex than her relationship with Mark. Personally, I hope she goes for Jackson (since Cristina won't...).

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we need  izzie come back, if  katherine  dont want back,casting another actress, but   karev just love izzie, in usa are  a lot  blondies  loking for a oportunity.


please shonda  bring us izzie for the rest of the show

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alex and izzie belong together. Lex doesnt LOVE Alex, its not something that can happen from one day to another!

and Alex is not over Izzie, I remember when they first got together, Alex was completely in love with her and I dont see him like that with Lexie.

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Mark and Lexie belong together he loves her and I think she still loves him. And when it doesn't she should go for Jackson;) he's hot!

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I dislike Alex & Lexie i'd rather see her with Mark i feel like Alex is meant to be with Izzie even though it would impossible for them to get together again seeing as Katherine's off the show but i feel like Alex & Lexie happened so quickly Lexie & Mark forever Little Grey...Mcsteamy(:

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I loved this during the finale. I felt like Lexie and Alex are rebounds for each other not a relationship at some points I thought it could actually work but this finale reaffirmed my original point that they don't belong together. I mean how can you get over your first true love just like that? I could not believe that could happen. After all the hurt and pain Izzie's caused Alex he still loves her. The scene when Alex was delirious and calling out for Izzie made my heart melt. I loved A/I and still do but KH is not coming back to GA in the long term so I have accepted that they may never be together.

Lexie doesn't really know what she wants so I don't think she should be with either Sloan or Alex. I hope Alex realizes that Lexie has feelings for sloan and dumps her  in S7. Both of them need alone time to figure out what their place is in life

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I agree with anuflas. :) Jackson was my second choice for Cristina if Owen (grr... castration) ever broke up with her, I'd say, "Go for it!" :)

Personally, I love Alex and Lexie and Mark and Lexie but I don't think she actually LOVES LOVES them. lol Like "like like" in grade school. xD I wanna see her with Jackson.

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Personally, I think Lexie loves Alex but she's not in love with him like she is with Mark. I think Lexie is just afraid of getting hurt she kind of chose Alex as a safety net. But I really do Lexie does love Mark and Mark does love Lexie.

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