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Does anyone else hate Christina as much as I do?  She coldly aborted her husband's baby...left her Burke at the altar .....and then goes off her head when her husband has a one night stand.......she has to be the most selfish, self-obsessed bitch in the history of soaps...!!!!

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That's a bit harsh dont you think.!?
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1.Owen should have been supportive for her.. its her body and they should have talked about their plans before they got married but what with her having to work on being normal after saving derek at gun point i guess it slipped their minds.

2. Burk left her. after pushing her to be someone she wasnt in order to make him and his momma happy.

3. which i might add is why she refused to have a kid and lose herself. she didnt want to be like ellis grey. and just because owen wasnt happy with her.. doesnt mean he needs to go sleep with the first bar girl that gives him attention. he should have left her or tried harder. i think they both are in the wrong but i dont think it makes her character a bitch for standing up for herself when she felt like owen was doing what burk did to her.

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I love Christina.. and i love the kind of love she and owen share.. but aborting was her choice after all it was her body..

No matter what i love her

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