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Which doctor do you think you act like?

 I think I act like Christina b/c I'm known as the smart one just like Chistina

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I think I'm a mix of George, Izzie, and Cristina. xD Haha. Okay, so George because I would sneak in the NICU and watch the babies and I care about the patients. That leans into Izzie. I love taking care of people and that's why I want to become a surgeon in the future! Cristina because I know I'm the smart one. :) Maybe a bit of Lexie and (though I'm young) I think I have photographic memory. o.o

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well i consider myself Meredith for the fact we both fell in love with a married man.

(although me and my guy broke up, and wont get back together) she married hers haha

but i also think I act like Meredith for other reasons that is not that lol

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I think that i act like  Izzie. I  am always trying to help the people that i love xD

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A mix between Mer, Mark, & Bailey.

Not sure it that's good or bad.

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My doctor personalities that she is Meredith. She is unselfish and isn't a snob ,she holds more her patients than herself. She lifes at the beginning as if  her life was pit hung to a clear off,.She feels the damages of the world and for this she makes it  impossible to find the happyness.She is unstable emotionally through lack of family affection.Her dream is to be happy,but the obstacles has made so breakable vis-a-vis the life and finds for a short  while the only solution  in the suicide.Now ,at our time there are Humpy-Dumpy as Meredith ,we fight to find a little of happyness and affection.

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I'm a mixture of Callie, Meredith, Arizona and Cristina. Like Callie and Meredith I have a lot of trouble admitting what I truly want and when I need help. I have abandonment issues due to having all of my best friends walk out on me, leaving me behind to fend for myself when I did nothing but care about them and help them through their problems. Like Arizona I really enjoy helping people even if it is just getting some little boy some pudding. Like Cristina I'm always considered the smart one,  98% of the time I'll know the answer to a question, and I don't talk about myself much, I just let other's do the talking.

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I'm a mixture of all of them. I am like Meredith and Callie because I have a lot of trouble admitting what I truly want and when I need help. I can get very dark and twisty, but not as often as Meredith. I am like Cristina because I am known as the smart one and I am pretty much always right. I'm a fountain of useless knowledge.I also don't talk about myself much. I talk a lot about other people and things, but not myself. I'm a little Bailey because I am very bossy. I sometimes act like Bailey does, but not all the time like her. I also see myself in Lexie, especially in the beginning, because she was acting kind of dorky and trying to get people to like her, and I'm like that a lot too. And like someone said above, I am like George because I would totally sneak into the NICU to watch babies. 

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I think I'm a little bit of Mer, because I know I have the talent to do whatever I need to do but when the going gets tough I freak out. I also like to mother my friends a lot. =) But also some Alex because I can come across as a real jerk.

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Me and my friend are GA addicts, and hes always telling me im so much like Izzie! I dont see it but i guess I can be a bit of an optomist and a little dramatic sometimes. Oh the other hand, I think im a mix of Callie and Lexie. I think Lexie is a bit clumsy at times alot like me. I'm a total nerd,:), like Lexie. Callie is super outgoing and not afraid to break rules and Im so like that. Its kind of hard to say just 1 character your like!!!

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