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Great post, marriedmymcdreamy!

My favourites are:

Season 1: A Hard Day's Night- episode in which I fell in love with Grey's. I enjoy watching it all over again. 

Season 2: Finale, of course. We all know why :-)

Season 3 is so great, but two episodes that I liked the most are probably Where the Boys Are, and My Favourite Mistake. That scene- "on a scale of one to ten- how bad is it?" is priceless!

Season 4: I really liked A change is Gonna Come and The Heart of Matter ("I want to marry you"). And of course, Freedom.

Season 5: Pretty much all episodes from 5.11-5.19. Loved scenes with Derek's dance, of course "crappy babies". And Derek's dark and twisty side. But Elevator Love Letter is probably my all time favourite.

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Season 1 : The premiere episode , 'A Hard Day's Night'- which made me fall in love with the show.

Season 2: The finale episode...'Losing My Religion'. Izzie and Denny and the LVAD wire saga, and Burke getting shot... amazing episode! Besides that , the bomb episode ' The End of the World' when Meredith got her hand stuck in a bomb cavity. So intense!

Season 3: The ferry crash episodes. Each intern had a storyline of their own! Alex saved Jane Doe, Izzie drilled burr holes, George manage to find the little boy, and of course Meredith...who drowned and died and came back from the dead. Wow.

Season 4: No particular episode stood out for me. Maybe 'Crash Into Me'.

Season 5: 'Elevator Love Letter' was the best. I like episodes 4 and 5 as well.


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Season 1: A Hard Day's Night, when it all began.

Season 2: The finale episode of the season, Losing my Religion. That episode have everything, Danny died, Burke got shot and of course the sex in the exam room.

I also like the bomb episodes, those are very intense and exciting episodes.

Season 3: Drowning On Dry Land and Some Kind Of Miracle. Good storylines and great moments.

Season 4: Freedom: In this episode so many good things happened, even though Jeremy dies. But he and Beth got the chance to be each others first. The cement boy. And of course the Candle House.

Season 5: Episodes 11-19: The crossover episodes, Death Row Patient, Derek's depression and of course The Proposal, which I love the most so far.

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i hav 2 say i was watchin ma season 2 boxset yesterdai and the bomb episodes are brill. you no shes not gunna die but it was still so tense. they chose the music realli well for these two episodes as well. i luv the bit at the end where he cums in and tells er about the last kiss.

i luv watchin the old ones :)

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merder123 - I agree, I love the scene when Derek reminds Meredith of their last kiss!  That is one of my top 5 favorite scenes I think. 

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Elevator Love Letter and Now Or Never. Two total tear-jerkers.

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I have two:   Prom Sex  and  "break-up kiss/break-up sex"

Nobody does it better than Mer and Der!!!

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I love all of the epis in season 1 thru 3. They were golden back then. Cristina actually cracked jokes. Everyone was (kinda) friends. I would say the 2 bomb epis

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Oh, I also love when Derek's mother comes to visit (season 5).  Especially the end where Derek and his mother are sitting on the bench outside the hospital talking about Derek's dad and he is teary-eyed and lays his head on is mother's shoulder.  That scene really got to me.  

He deserves an Emmy award for this whole season.  I don't understand why he is never recognized for his incredible acting.

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My favourite episode ever is episode 27 in season 2. It was just an amazing episode.

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