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Was I the only one that recognised, crazy Katie in this (horrific) documentary episode of Grey's?!!

Apart from the terrible choice to try and do something new, (well what isn't broken......) the wife of the arm guy was crazy katy from Private practice, was that intentional or a casting mistake? Can't be surely....ohh could be interesting if it was intentional!

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yes, the no-arms-guy's wife was the crazy chick from private practice.

but what do you mean by "intentional"?? i mean, it's not like she was reprising the role she had on PP  - she played a different character!

maybe you haven't noticed, but PP and GA very often use the same guest stars or extras. must be easier in terms of casting, i guess..

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Totally noticed that but thought my eyes were wrong.


I think it's strange of them to use the same woman in the two programs - especially when her character on PP was so memorable.

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Well do you guys remember that one case where the wife died and their newly-adopted chinese baby was left with only her father, and the father was reluctant to care for her and Lexie had to try and convince the man to take care of his daughter? The guy who played the father just guest starred on the latest episode of Private Practice, the one where the ending is Charlotte getting raped...

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They constantly use the same characters on both shows as different characters, but this bothers me (even though it shouldn't really) because when Addison, Sam, Naomi, etc cross over from one show to the other they stay the same people, but the guest stars come in and out of the time/space continuum as they please, as different characters.  Happens ALL the time between the two shows.  I just think if the main characters can travel between the two "worlds" and with all the desperate starving artists out in Hollywood, they have to be able to find new people for those roles. 

Someone asked Shonda about it once on twitter and she said something to the effect of she does it because she likes those particular actors, knows how they work and wants to use them again for a different story line. 

I usually don't like the recycled characters, but I was happy when "really old guy" Charlie showed up for an episode of Private Practice. 

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And how about the actress that plays April Kepner on Greys? She was a young mom on PP!!

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