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I've only been watching G.A. this season, so I didn't understand the reference to 007, which George wrote with his finger on Meredith's hand.  Can someone explain this James Bond number?  Thanks.

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In the vey first episode, a hard days night, George helped burke perform an appendectomy but almost killed the patient. Alex and other interns nicknamed him 007 because like Jame Bond, he had a license to kill.

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Yep. Watch the first episode. Alex also said it when they were eating lunch, that George is called 007 cause he has a license to kill.

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You should go back and watch... it will make everything easier to understand/ follow.

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You have to go back and watch all the seasons over the summer. The reference is used multiple times throughout the seasons - so many things will click for you if you go back to the start and watch all the episodes :)

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Yes I couldnt agree more, I feel that is what Alex said 007 earlier in the ep for those new watchers.


Definatly go to Blockbuster and get the seasons and watch them, they are just as good as this season.

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emmalovesgreys is right.

I was so happy when I noticed that in "a hard days night" and George was in that surgery, the episode "thanks for the memories" had almost the exact same dialouge between Burke and Izzie when they were cooking the turkey.

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I started watching Grey's around the drwoning Meredith episodes in season 3, and then last year after season 4 ended, got the DVDs of all the first 3 seasons and watched it all. Everything made more sense.  I highly advise watching all the previous seasons.  I still watch them in between to refresh certain things in my mind.  Plus, it keeps me busy during the off time.

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At least, watch season 1,2, and the beginning of 3. In my mind, a couple of episodes into the third season, Grey started getting bad and then season 4 wasn't that glorious... Of course I like the candle house like everyone else, but some other stuff- not so much. Season 5 was so much better! I might re-watch 1, 2 and the first half of 3.

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They nick-name George 007 because in the first episode, he was peforming the first sugery out of all the interns. The chief was there I believe, and he told him to try not to do something, and he did and nearly killed the patient. (lol, I got that from memory) And then sometimes they just randomly called him Bambi, but I can't remember why.

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