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Discuss the "This Is How We Do It" Episode from Season 7 here.

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Brittany Scarlett Beach
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I am thrilled for this episode...less then a week away. 

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I am wondering since Callie and Arizona are supposed to be getting away for a weekend and there's a pic of them in the car.... if there will be an accident at the end of this episode that will set up the musical episode... I have watched the clips and it makes sense... 

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What happenend to "Grey's Anatomy" ?  Oh, that's right, it's now called "Callie's Anatomy" and IT SUCKS!  I can't believe they have Mer, Der being the backseat to everything else.  They finally put them naked in bed & it lasts all of 4 (yes, FOUR) seconds.  I'm sick of the callie, arizona, mark trio...they've turned Mark into a whipped puppy and this show into a pitiful shell of itself.  the "musicale" looks even worse.

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